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Цель конкурсного отбора – определить участников мероприятия – проектные команды среди обучающихся образовательных организаций Липецкой области для организации систематического наблюдения за окружающей средой для определения ее изменений, а также степени влияния на нее деятельности человека в местах проживания участников, получение информации первичного уровня о состоянии окружающей среды.



In the competition can participate in educational organizations of all types, organizations of additional education of the Lipetsk region, on the basis of which formed the project team consisting of 3-5 participants: children aged 12-17 years and a project mentor (teacher, methodologist, researcher, etc.).   

the selection is performed in three directions, in accordance with the implementation of Federal and regional environmental projects on the territory of the Lipetsk region: «Clean water”, “Clean air”, “Pure country".


1 . "The study of the qualitative composition of water in the river Melalui" Светлана Казанцева

Water is a valuable natural resource that cannot be replaced by any other substance. It plays a crucial role in the metabolic processes that form the basis of life. For many living organisms, it serves as a habitat.

Oil products, phenols, nitrogen compounds, iron, copper, manganese, organic compounds change the chemical composition of water in rivers and leading to their slow disappearance, so this problem relevant. It gave rise to studies of water quality in Telebuy, which for decades is under strong anthropogenic influence.

2 . "Evaluation of the ecological state of the Park village Syrski Mine" Нелли Валерьевна Коблякова

 Relevance. The protection of the environment and maintain its quality at a certain level – one of the most important in the modern world. Currently in cities, including in Lipetsk, dominated by aggressive visual environment. We like being enclosed in “concrete jungle” of a modern city. That's why it's so important to preserve and develop parks in cities and towns. City air is polluted with a complex of different chemical substances. Green areas can absorb many substances, thereby playing the role of live filters.

Object of study: Park village Syrski Mine.

Hypothesis: recently, the environmental condition of the Park village Syrski Mine is getting worse.

the Park in the village Syrski Mine is one of the favorite places of rest of the population. Holidays, sports competitions, walks-all this is connected to our Park. The Park was planted in 1950. Since then, much time has passed. The trees have grown. Some of them began to wither. Every year a growing recreational activity. Near the Park motorway. The appearance of the Park began to change not for the better. Park maintenance update.

Purpose of research: to study the ecological condition of the Park in the village Syrski Mine. To conduct the necessary studies to assess its environmental state today.

Methods: scientific literature analysis, experiment, observation.



3 . "Clearing the air of toxic substances by forced filtration Ordzhonikidze city of Yelets" Елена Баркалова

a Large share of atmospheric pollution (up to 80%) of emissions from road transport is a major source of air pollution, especially in large cities.

Aim: to provide a method of air purification along  motorways by the use of air filters.

4 . Beautiful river clean shores. Галина Зацепина

the River Maza nearby water body to MBOU SOSH s. Masaka. The importance in conservation of small rivers of Lipetsk oblast is to study the state of these rivers, as every year increases the anthropogenic pressure on them. Therefore, we decided to involve pupils in solving the problem. To study the quality of water in the river MAZ.

project Goal: to Examine the organoleptic characteristics of water in river MAZ.

5 . "Evaluation of the ecological state of the river Elchik" Татьяна Черепенникова

is there life without clean water? The answer is simple:  of course not! Water pollution this is a serious environmental problem.   the most important  the  nature  among  which  living  people.  In  water  rivers  lakes  die  all  live,  it becomes a source of  diseases  people. Lose  their  charm  walk  travel  at  river  life  people were  be  among  dirty  rivers  and  reservoirs bleak and dangerous for isni.                                                                                                                      

the Problem  pollution  bodies of water is one of the  relevant to our city.

6 . Socio – ecological monitoring of highways in district 26 district of Lipetsk Марина Армашова

road transport occupies an important place in the unified transport system of the country. He carries more than 80% of various cargoes. It accounts for nearly half of turnover.  However, what is the fee for real progress of humanity? Transport is one of the main polluters of the atmosphere with oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons contained in the exhaust gases.Up to 85% of all diseases of modern man associated with adverse environmental conditions. 

Hypothesis: road 26 neighborhood is heavily polluted exhaust gas of harmful substances.  

7 . Recycling and disposal of solid waste Марина Семенихина

the Problem of waste disposal is compounded largely by the fact that a large part of consumer goods is doomed short-term service of man. They are bought, consumed and thrown away without proper regard to their residual values. It affects the amount of energy and the cost of restoring the environment in such consumption.

Municipal authorities everywhere trying to find the best method for waste disposal for its citizens. Particularly acute problem in industrialized countries because the environment does not allow the use of traditional discharge points. More and more garbage is transported over long distances in the sanitary zone of the discharge, where it is sorted for the recovery of valuable materials for further processing and combusted in a special furnace designed to produce energy.

8 . The research of the ecological state of district of "University of the city of Lipetsk" Полина Александровна Кузнецова

is it True that the district of "University" - the standard of environmental cleanliness of the city of Lipetsk, as approved by the head of Department of ecology of a city administration of Lipetsk Marina Solovyov?

9 . "With a blue streamlet..." Людмила Ширинская

the Study of ecological state of small rivers in conditions of the increasing anthropogenic load has an important place in preserving the natural properties of ecosystems. The river Lipovka  the closest water body to the  grammar school No. 19. Therefore, we decided to address the problems of small river Lipovka.

the Problem

the Contradiction between growing human needs and the limited possibilities of the natural environment, otherwise – the disparity of socio-economic development of the city, the laws of nature.


the Main cause of degradation of small rivers and, in particular, rivers Lipovci – the economic activity of man.

Purpose of research

Implement project  idea  ecological monitoring of water in the river Lypivka, air near the river Lipovka and condition of the soil cover on the banks. Examine individual organoleptic indicators of water of the river Lipovka. Explore local history materials about the river Lipovka from the point of view of its human exploration;

10 . Separate collection of waste - mission accomplished! Света Курбанова

the Relevance of the work lies in the search for new effective, environmentally friendly methods of disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) on the basis of the conducted research. It is obvious that the use of old approaches to the disposal (distribution of landfill) is not only environmentally hazardous, but also economically disadvantageous.

the Problem: once a year solid waste becomes more and more. One of the ways of its solution is the separate collection of waste

Hypothesis: I assumed that the people of my village are not ready to divide waste into categories.

Objective of the study: to find out the attitude of residents to separate household waste collection in p Dobrinka

Methods: Theoretical; mathematical; research.

4) to draw conclusions, to apply for a job.

project Objectives:

1.To study the experience of waste management abroad and in Russia.

2.To collect and process information on illegal dumps on the territory of the village of Dobrinka and household waste.

2.To conduct a survey of the population with the aim of identifying ways of waste disposal.

3.Conduct interviews with representatives of  the local administration on the issues of waste disposal in the area.

 4.To analyze the research and to offer eco-conscious methods of waste disposal for residents of the area.