All-Russian competition of projects of Sectarian movements “Reactor - Sectarian movement”

Project competition

Dates: from 15.01.2019 00:00 to 13.04.2019 00:00



the contestants must implement their projects on the platforms of design centres (“circles”): YICC, children's technology Park “Kvantorium", STEM center, and other organizations to support research, engineering and technical creativity of pupils and students, various groups of young people. A new type of mug, this is a team of enthusiasts who take relevant technological challenges and successfully cope with them. Circle 2.0. model mug future, which includes the 5 key positions (functional roles): the media practices of the future, a translator, an educational platform, stakeholder and agent of development.

depending on the type “mug”, which was implemented the project,  it relates to one of the categories:


  • the
  • pioneer”: the circle, just starting their work, have in stock small experience in project activities;

  • the
  • Professional”: an experienced club, with significant organizational and methodological experience of the project activities.

To participate in the Competition projects implemented under the next “tracks” (categories): “Search!", "be creative!", "Create!".


Search!” / “Science”: the implementation of theoretical and applied papers in the field of natural Sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, etc.;

be creative!” / “technical projects": the development of a new technology or method, applicable for construction of Russia's most promising markets, creating and implementing breakthrough technologies of the National technology initiative (NTI);

Create!” / “Making projects, Science Art projects”: the development of an original engineering or technical product (products) with the use of modern equipment.


The results of the examination

Рейтинг проектов

Completed projects

Development of a model device for converting energy of sound vibrations into electricity Роман Ардуванов

a Modern metropolis may make noise, equal to 70-100 decibella. This man-made evil can be reversed for the benefit of the person making the noise to produce cheap and clean electricity. 

Studying the way to increase the strength of architectural concrete using nanomaterials "Polisorb" Елизавета Беспалова

after Studying the possible ways of improving durability of the architectural concrete, we chose the method of adding a new component as nanosized filler “POLYSORB” to the filler of quartz sand.
In consequence of which, a hypothesis: the strength architectural concrete will be increased if we use the nanofiller “POLYSORB”.

"Botbol". New technical play on the water Александр Лебедев

the most technologically advanced ship modelling and knowledge-intensive technical sports. And along with this it is also very beautiful. The ship on the wave is the image of the dream and the eternal pursuit of the new. Ship modeling competitions are competitions personal when sporsmen yourself struggling with the enemy and natural external factors. The team we are only merged when summarizing the results. Model making is severely lacking entertainment and dynamism of competition which today attracts athletes and spectators. 

Our idea is to add the program of events  classes of models in which competing teams of fighting each other in a contact fight. We offer you a new game on the water "BOTBOL". The name of the game obrazovana from the combination of the words "boat"-ship, boat, and "Bal" - ball. This is a team ball game in which the team remotely controlled models of ships of monotypes class "Springer".

in fact, it is proposed to create new sleeves thicken discipline.


GlutenFree Захар Белушкин

In this paper reveals the social problem of people with gluten intolerance during a visit to the cafes and restaurants in the city of Cherepovets. We have set a goal to help people with celiac disease feel in the comfort zone. To solve this problem we decided to develop a business plan to implement individual gluten-free menu in some cafés and restaurants in the city. 

Ball Анна Иревлина

Draw a diagram of apparatus for determining the drag of the ball

Agricultural platform Лиза Логачева

the idea of the project lies in the fact that in our country nachinaut to develop sanctions, private enterprises and agricultural enterprises and not enough workers.Therefore, we propose a mobile platform to address these issues.This mobile platform is intended for implementation of basic types of agricultural work.

Machine brettyboy Олег Сивков

Many enterprises in the production of home furniture produces a large amount of sawdust. Sawdust usually do not go into further production.

And the production of briquettes for ignition need of having an enterprise a large number of enterprises processing wood.


Tricolor 3D printer Дмитрий Владимирович Левый

to Create a 3D printer able to print the three different colors in a single extruder. 

Water corp Иван Агалаков

the Anchor project of the company is “Technology of water purification method recrystallization flow”. In the course of this project is the commercialization of innovative products: modular water purification systems by the method of recrystallization, which are the basis for system solutions for the purification of tap water and drinking water treatment of well waters of different productivity. Development is done in the field of water treatment and may find wide application in areas such as: water treatment and desalination of sea water; biotechnology in agriculture and industry; food production, industrial wastewater treatment, environment and energy future. The relevance of the project due to several factors, first of all, a high degree of wear of urban water systems, as well as the overall deterioration of the ecological situation in the world and, in particular, the decline and reduced quality of fresh water. In addition, tap water has a high chlorine content, due to the existing technology the purification of municipal wastewater treatment plants. For example, in Russia every second resident is forced to use potable water that does not meet a number of indicators established standards, almost a third of the country's population uses water sources without appropriate treatment, the population of some regions suffering from water shortage and lack of related adequate sanitary living conditions. The low quality of tap water is not only health, but also on the efficiency of the equipment as at the household level and in industry. Implementation of the project contributes to the implementation of the Water strategy of the Russian Federation for the period until 2020

Florarium Татьяна Великанова

Manufacturer of environmental florariumov in the work of the group of Biquantum of MAODO Kids  Technopark Kvantorium.


Sergey Melnikov ПК им.Н.Н. Годовикова

Position: Руководитель IT-Полигона
Degree, title: Нет

Юрий Кунцев Фонд поддержки стратегических инициатив

Position: Руководитель
Degree, title:

Светлана Аверина Российский университет кооперации

Position: Начальник отдела сопровождения научных программ
Degree, title:

Татьяна Зырянова ГБПОУ НСО "Новосибирский колледж электроники и вычислительной техники"

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title:

Эдуард Петрович Пилипчук Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное учреждение города Москвы "Образовательный комплекс "Юго-Запад"

Position: Мастер производственного обучения
Degree, title: 1 категория

Анна Хасановна Вакулик Фаблаб НИТУ МИСиС

Position: зам. директора
Degree, title: -

Руслан Исаев БГПУ им. М. Акмуллы, ЦМИТ "УНИКУМ"

Position: Старший преподаватель
Degree, title: К.ф.-м.н.

Михаил Луков ГОАУ "Новгородский кванториум"

Position: Педагог дополнительного образования детей и взрослых
Degree, title:

Кристина Линькова филиал СГТУ им.Гагарина Ю.А.

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title: нет

Ольга Маркина "Политехнический колледж им. Н.Н. Годовикова"; "Детский технопарк Кванториум"

Position: педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title: