All-Russian competition of projects of Sectarian movements “Reactor - Sectarian movement”

Project competition

Dates: from 15.01.2019 00:00 to 13.04.2019 00:00



the contestants must implement their projects on the platforms of design centres (“circles”): YICC, children's technology Park “Kvantorium", STEM center, and other organizations to support research, engineering and technical creativity of pupils and students, various groups of young people. A new type of mug, this is a team of enthusiasts who take relevant technological challenges and successfully cope with them. Circle 2.0. model mug future, which includes the 5 key positions (functional roles): the media practices of the future, a translator, an educational platform, stakeholder and agent of development.

depending on the type “mug”, which was implemented the project,  it relates to one of the categories:


  • the
  • pioneer”: the circle, just starting their work, have in stock small experience in project activities;

  • Professional”: an experienced club, with significant organizational and methodological experience of the project activities.

To participate in the Competition projects implemented under the next “tracks” (categories): “Search!", "be creative!", "Create!".


Search!” / “Science”: the implementation of theoretical and applied papers in the field of natural Sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, etc.;

be creative!” / “technical projects": the development of a new technology or method, applicable for construction of Russia's most promising markets, creating and implementing breakthrough technologies of the National technology initiative (NTI);

Create!” / “Making projects, Science Art projects”: the development of an original engineering or technical product (products) with the use of modern equipment.


The results of the examination

Рейтинг проектов

Completed projects

1 . "Photo-mosaic" Кристина Линькова

In today's world it is possible to combine isskustvo and technology and to achieve high results ,why not try us to realize this project.

2 . "The creation of aircraft to search for the source of fire" Никита Михин

every year forest fires damage the environment, the economy, and often human life are endangered.

  Favorable outcome in the prevention and fight against forest fires is highly dependent on timely and accurate detection of the place of occurrence of forest fires.

  Even more difficult to detect the fire in the sparsely populated and remote areas, so detection of fires from the air using unmanned aerial vehicles is especially important.

3 . Unmanned bus Руслан Семенов

    the authors of the project taken the task of creating unmanned vehicles and the necessary markings on the road to adjust the movement of the bus. This project can improve the efficiency of passenger traffic of big cities

4 . The robot on the remote control Игорь Мягков

project Goal:  creating a working model of robot remote control.

5 . Conductivity tester current Игорь Мягков

the aim of the project – creating a device which you can use to determine does the object (material) electric current

6 . Do machine Игорь Мягков

Idea - to create a remotely controlled vehicle with BlueTooth control.

7 . The Project "Arduino Box" Игорь Мягков

the Creation of a safe with a combination lock

8 . A safe with a biometric scanner Игорь Мягков

the Main objective of the project – to create a device for the safe storage of personal belongings and easy access for the owner(s) to them. This device can be used in school, offices and home where you want the safety and protection of them from strangers.

Advantage  of the safe is its low cost and the ability to self-create at home.

9 . The heart of man: anatomical modeling and the study of functions Дарья Громова

currently, virtual reality is becoming more popular, especially among young people. But can it replace real emotions?! Can we say that even on a physiological level, it acts on the body also?!

the Heart is the organ that is one of the first to react to changes in the environment and triggers the adaptation of all other systems.

We decided to find out how a person's heart will react to virtual reality, as it helps to adapt to the environment.

to Know the structural features of the AI work of the heart is necessary for all, hence the question arose: how to engage this problem of people, especially schoolchildren.

10 . Study of the effect of chlorine on proteins in a model experiment Дарья Громова

      currently, there is a significant increase in the number of sports complexes and a variety of fitness centers, equipped with swimming pools. The flow of people who visited their visit is very large and the priority task of ensuring sanitary wellbeing of the people visiting public pools. To disinfect water in many pools use bleach.

      the Interesting question is about how to bleach – quite aggressive chemical – affects the skin and mucous membranes of a person regularly engaged in such pool water. To explore this question we carried out a model experiment.

     it is Known that the composition of the skin of the human body, a large proportion of proteins belonging. Under the influence of many of the chemicals denature the proteins, i.e., lose their structure, and thus lose function. In this regard, we formulated the hypothesis that the bleach contained in the waters of the pool affects the chemical structure of proteins of the skin of the human body.


Sergey Melnikov ПК им.Н.Н. Годовикова

Position: Руководитель IT-Полигона
Degree, title: Нет

Юрий Кунцев Фонд поддержки стратегических инициатив

Position: Руководитель
Degree, title:

Светлана Аверина Российский университет кооперации

Position: Начальник отдела сопровождения научных программ
Degree, title:

Татьяна Зырянова ГБПОУ НСО "Новосибирский колледж электроники и вычислительной техники"

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title:

Эдуард Петрович Пилипчук Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное учреждение города Москвы "Образовательный комплекс "Юго-Запад"

Position: Мастер производственного обучения
Degree, title: 1 категория

Анна Хасановна Вакулик Фаблаб НИТУ МИСиС

Position: зам. директора
Degree, title: -

Руслан Исаев БГПУ им. М. Акмуллы, ЦМИТ "УНИКУМ"

Position: Старший преподаватель
Degree, title: К.ф.-м.н.

Михаил Луков ГОАУ "Новгородский кванториум"

Position: Педагог дополнительного образования детей и взрослых
Degree, title:

Кристина Линькова филиал СГТУ им.Гагарина Ю.А.

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title: нет

Ольга Маркина "Политехнический колледж им. Н.Н. Годовикова"; "Детский технопарк Кванториум"

Position: педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title: