All-Russian competition of projects of Sectarian movements “Reactor - Sectarian movement”

Project competition

Dates: from 15.01.2019 00:00 to 13.04.2019 00:00



the contestants must implement their projects on the platforms of design centres (“circles”): YICC, children's technology Park “Kvantorium", STEM center, and other organizations to support research, engineering and technical creativity of pupils and students, various groups of young people. A new type of mug, this is a team of enthusiasts who take relevant technological challenges and successfully cope with them. Circle 2.0. model mug future, which includes the 5 key positions (functional roles): the media practices of the future, a translator, an educational platform, stakeholder and agent of development.

depending on the type “mug”, which was implemented the project,  it relates to one of the categories:


  • the
  • pioneer”: the circle, just starting their work, have in stock small experience in project activities;

  • the
  • Professional”: an experienced club, with significant organizational and methodological experience of the project activities.

To participate in the Competition projects implemented under the next “tracks” (categories): “Search!", "be creative!", "Create!".


Search!” / “Science”: the implementation of theoretical and applied papers in the field of natural Sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, etc.;

be creative!” / “technical projects": the development of a new technology or method, applicable for construction of Russia's most promising markets, creating and implementing breakthrough technologies of the National technology initiative (NTI);

Create!” / “Making projects, Science Art projects”: the development of an original engineering or technical product (products) with the use of modern equipment.


The results of the examination

Рейтинг проектов


Sergey Melnikov ПК им.Н.Н. Годовикова

Position: Руководитель IT-Полигона
Degree, title: Нет

Юрий Кунцев Фонд поддержки стратегических инициатив

Position: Руководитель
Degree, title:

Светлана Аверина Российский университет кооперации

Position: Начальник отдела сопровождения научных программ
Degree, title:

Татьяна Зырянова ГБПОУ НСО "Новосибирский колледж электроники и вычислительной техники"

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title:

Эдуард Петрович Пилипчук Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное учреждение города Москвы "Образовательный комплекс "Юго-Запад"

Position: Мастер производственного обучения
Degree, title: 1 категория

Анна Хасановна Вакулик Фаблаб НИТУ МИСиС

Position: зам. директора
Degree, title: -

Руслан Исаев БГПУ им. М. Акмуллы, ЦМИТ "УНИКУМ"

Position: Старший преподаватель
Degree, title: К.ф.-м.н.

Михаил Луков ГОАУ "Новгородский кванториум"

Position: Педагог дополнительного образования детей и взрослых
Degree, title:

Кристина Линькова филиал СГТУ им.Гагарина Ю.А.

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title: нет

Ольга Маркина "Политехнический колледж им. Н.Н. Годовикова"; "Детский технопарк Кванториум"

Position: педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title: