Project competition

Dates: 30.07.2019 from 13:26 to 13:00



participants of the Contest can be the authors of the projects of new models of toys and tools for the development of children.

Contest Audience

Personal authors (without registration as a legal entity);

Creative collectives (without registration as a legal entity);

Project companies (registration as a legal entity);

Production company.

the competition Also includes the following nominations

Analog complexes: reproduce partially or totally the resemblance and / or the intrinsic properties of any other object or substance;

Analog complexes with electronic components: contains various electronic elements, determining functional characteristics of the goods (including electrical, Electromechanical, ratifitsirovala, on the basis of an electronic element, etc.);

Digital complexes: the device and / or a special computer program (platform, gameplay, Annex), which serves for the organization of educational, gaming or entertainment process;

Kits for developing lessons and organizing games: the inventory for the organization of the play space or activity (Board, card or paper & pencil games), products for education kits to support children's creativity, sport and healthy lifestyle;

Designers: a set of standard parts in the Assembly which are variable models of various objects, as well as kits for the organization of educational, educational, sports activities;

“Toys from the past”: rehabilitation and restoration with the help of modern equipment, traditional or out-of-production samples of the toys and tools of development;

“the World of childhood”: a complex of interrelated goods industry childhood, forming a single collection; may include a combination of different kinds of toys and tools for the development of children, and additional items (clothes, shoes, furniture, stationery, hygiene products and cosmetics, books, videos / movies, etc.), together creating a complete world for a particular child and his family.


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