Project competition

Dates: 30.07.2019 from 13:26 to 13:00



participants of the Contest can be the authors of the projects of new models of toys and tools for the development of children.

Contest Audience

Personal authors (without registration as a legal entity);

Creative collectives (without registration as a legal entity);

Project companies (registration as a legal entity);

Production company.

the competition Also includes the following nominations

Analog complexes: reproduce partially or totally the resemblance and / or the intrinsic properties of any other object or substance;

Analog complexes with electronic components: contains various electronic elements, determining functional characteristics of the goods (including electrical, Electromechanical, ratifitsirovala, on the basis of an electronic element, etc.);

Digital complexes: the device and / or a special computer program (platform, gameplay, Annex), which serves for the organization of educational, gaming or entertainment process;

Kits for developing lessons and organizing games: the inventory for the organization of the play space or activity (Board, card or paper & pencil games), products for education kits to support children's creativity, sport and healthy lifestyle;

Designers: a set of standard parts in the Assembly which are variable models of various objects, as well as kits for the organization of educational, educational, sports activities;

“Toys from the past”: rehabilitation and restoration with the help of modern equipment, traditional or out-of-production samples of the toys and tools of development;

“the World of childhood”: a complex of interrelated goods industry childhood, forming a single collection; may include a combination of different kinds of toys and tools for the development of children, and additional items (clothes, shoes, furniture, stationery, hygiene products and cosmetics, books, videos / movies, etc.), together creating a complete world for a particular child and his family.

Completed projects

100% of the project Марьяна Деканова

the Passage of all stages of work on the project in the form of a game, generation of ideas, fixing the key positions of the project description

Rezinostrela "MINIGUN" Дарья Ярыгина

In the modern world becoming more commonplace as designers of robotics, because they contain not only the games but also training.

the Main idea of the project is to create an interesting, modern, educational toys for children and adults that will:

  • Give new knowledge and useful skills

When you build the designer develops fine motor skills. The child understands how to construct the mechanism and meets with the basics of electronics. 

  • Join generation

Toys will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. Assembly design can be a great joint leisure activities for children and their parents, involving all participants.

  • to Give positive emotions

Rezinostrela is first and foremost fun! You can arrange an exciting game or competition on the accuracy. To naslajdatsa process happens long enough, because in the device provides more than seventy charges.

  • Motivate you to create

Build toys with their hands inspires the invention of their designs.

Magic turtle Егор Лаптев

the Combination of two things: wildlife and electronics.

Table developing game: DNA games Анастасия Колесова

nowadays, most attention is paid to children.Each country needs specialists in various industries.The main problem is that children are difficult to motivate, because they need to receive information in the form of a game form.

Biology the most demand in science lately, except of course IT technology.Therefore, the industry needs to develop in the form of games for children.

So exciting all that is unknown! Екатерина Молодецкая

the Idea of the project arose after the team working on the project at the Engineering school of the Lift in the future in 2017. Were created booklet for tourists in the Republic of Altai with augmented reality.  On the map of the Republic is marked with unique natural objects under protection of UNESCO and it is configured for viewing the attractions with augmented reality.

Booklet performed important functions: conservation, tourism and education.

SunFly-flying toys Иван Романович Тюликов

This project is aimed at promoting aviation. It should encourage children to do the technical kind of creativity, to invent. In parallel, the child develops fine motor skills, exploring new design of aircraft, the basics of aerodynamics and physical aspects. The child understands for themselves how and why the plane flies. Plays developing.

Toy for the holiday! Екатерина Молодецкая

creating a desktop mechanical toy.

VR game "Search cat" Иван Зиноров

the Game – an essential element of human life. Since ancient times, the games were all the Nations that have participated in both adults and children. Human development – change the game. We live in the XXI century, and games have us conform to its time. Someday we will say to his children: “Hey, Stop running around the Galaxy, here we were sitting quietly at home and played computer games…”

Now that the Internet is flooded with a lot of games with elements of aggression, violence, monsters, and “scare stories”, it is very important to offer alternative games – a good and exciting

so, we decided to create a copyright VR-game entertainment and educational  character, socially significant. Kind, cheerful, interesting. For any age (the main target audience - preschool, kid and middle school age).

Electronic toy "Piggy Bank" Дмитрий Понамарев

to Create a set for students on the automation of counting of savings of own funds. 

"Eco-jet" kit set boats hovercraft motor" Дмитрий Ягубов

Idea -

1.- To create a basic KIT set kids SVP for samostoyatelnoy Assembly, in a circle or with parents at home\cottage  with individual modifications;

2. - To learn the basics of aerodynamics;

3.- The third is to have a year-round working machine relaxation\sports\skiing.


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