The competitive selection of teams-participants of the project "Environmental patrol" in the Belgorod region

Project competition

Dates: from 24.01.2020 12:25 to 01.05.2020 12:25

General information

Цель конкурса – формирование пула проектных команд и создание опорных площадок в муниципальных образованиях для качественной и комплексной реализации Проекта.


In the competition can participate accepted the project team of educational institutions and additional education institutions and municipalities of the region. The team may include three to five students in grades 7-10. The team leader is a full-time teaching employee of the educational organization.


1 . The study and evaluation of the ecological state of the pond in the village of Gostisheva Елена Напольских

 Our village  of Gostisheva is located in the Eastern part of Yakovlevsky district, 15 km from the district center - the city Builder. Our village is beautiful. There is a landscaped Park,  the forest, the environmental situation in the village is satisfactory. But in our village  no  natural reservoirs. The nearest river that flows at 6 km from the village, called Lime Donets and is the right tributary of the Seversky Donets river. The village has the only pond – a rural pond, which could become an ornament to the village and a place of recreation for residents and visitors of the village.  So  problem  assessment of the ecological state of the only reservoir in the village of Gostisheva very relevant.

2 . Monitoring of the air environment S. Melihovo Наталья Мазур

the Problem of environmental pollution one of the global problems of the modern world. The most acute environmental problem is air pollution, because there are emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air. Air purity is a critical component affecting the whole environment and the health of the population.

the Objective  – to determine the purity of atmospheric air through.

Hypothesis: we hypothesized that lives and breathes the population of our village, can not be completely clean.

3 . Monitoring of the ecological state of the river Nezhegol ' in the village Belyanka Светлана Травенко

the Problem  our   study  the ecological situation of the river Nezhegol ' in the village Belyanka.

Water – one of the main treasures on Earth. Hard to imagine what would happen to our planet if fresh water disappeared. But such a threat exists. Therefore, our main task is to protect the area which is closer to us all. The river Nezhegol ' – a unique creation of nature, one of the few gems of the region. Before the river was deeper and cleaner. Nezhegol flows near the village Belyanka in which we live. We believe that any resident of the village should not be indifferent to the fate of the river, because it is the ornament of the village. If we treat the fate of the river, dismissive, constantly contaminating it and without taking any measures, it may lose forever this unique body of water.

4 . Evaluation of the ecological state of the pond in the center of the village of Krasnaya Polyana Татьяна Лысак

 By conducting monitoring to assess the ecological condition of the pond. To conduct eco-educational work for the conservation of the ecosystems of the pond and its shores, among the inhabitants of the  village  and young people. To draw the attention of local authorities on the need to strengthen the banks of the reservoir with the aim of ensuring security, establishment of safe recreational areas in the village center.

5 . "Monitoring of soil contamination in the vicinity of the village Staroverovka" Наталья Павлоцкая

Around Staromoskovskogo rural settlement a large amount of agricultural land, the fertility of which is reduced each year, often the figure is enhanced by fertilization. Along the road still is and accumulation of metals.  the Land become unfit for cultivation of environmentally friendly products.

working hypothesis: the land used for growing crops in the vicinity of the village of Staroverovka there is a decrease of soil fertility.   

6 . Soil pollution domestic waste in the village Triregno. Анна Касторная

Problem  our   study  the environmental situation in the village because of unresolved problems with waste disposal.

Hypothesis:  are There any differences   against   by disposing of garbage in  the village. 

  1. Garbage not only pollutes the geographic shell, but also affects human health. According to the United Nations from diseases associated with poor waste management system in the world dies every year more than 5 million people.
  2. This problem is topical for all people living in our village.

    the Problem cannot be solved only by technical means, must also change the Outlook of people.

7 . The impact of green spaces on a school site, the state of purity of the air. Татьяна Пономарева

the increase in the number of vehicles on the streets leads to increased amounts of exhaust gas. Along with this increase the number of lead compounds emitted into the atmosphere. We assume that the amount of lead compounds in exhaust gases of cars is so significant that the presence of lead can be determined in the leaves of plants on the busy city intersections.

8 . Monitoring pollution and contamination of soils (village Platelets) Людмила Шайдорова

Pozveny skin of the Earth – is the most important part of the biosphere, the factor of its stability. In ecosystems, the soil performs such critical functions as accumulation of water, mineral nutrients and energy; decomposition  dead organic matter and the formation of specific organic matter – humus, etc. In conditions of anthropogenic pollution of the natural environment the soil cover acts as a protective biogeocenosis of the screen due to the buffering soil – the ability to accumulate and retain pollutants, preventing their entry into plants and groundwater. It is important to note that the soil not only reflects the current state of the landscape, as it is a kind of “mirror”, but also retains information about previous stages of development, forming “memory” of the landscape. Thus, studying the structure and properties of the soil, it is possible to diagnose the current environmental condition of the landscape.

project aims research of soil village for the detection of heavy metal salts.

9 . Assessment of the status of the air environment of the village Pyatnitskoe method of lichenoindication. Наталья Федорова

In our village Pyatnitskoe there are two large enterprises “ZAO “Volokonovskogo produce  factory”, he manufactures condensed canned milk, butter peasant, whole milk products and OJSC “Nika”, he is engaged in the production  of sugar. In its range and  more 20 views products. The second is located near the school. And right before school is the busiest road in the village. The result is  the activity of enterprises emit harmful substances, it is the oxides of carbon, sulphur, nitrogen. They get into the atmosphere through smokestacks reaching a height of  more than 300 m and penetrating into the higher layers of the atmosphere  carried by the wind for long distances. The gases combine with water vapour and form acids,  drop down in the form of acid rain. Along the school drives a large number of vehicles, polluting the air with oxides of  nitrogen, carbon monoxide, soot, heavy metals. Traffic increases markedly at the beginning and end of the working day. Thus, the polluted air of our village.

10 . Evaluation of the ecological state of the river Roach Лариса Гончар-Быш

a Comprehensive study of  the ecological state of the river in its entirety. Pthe attraction of attention to problems of preservation of small rivers on the territory of rural settlements.


Ольга Гагауз Государственное бюджетное учреждение дополнительного образования "Блгородский областной детский эколого-биоогический центр"

Position: заместитель директора по научно-методической работе
Degree, title: нет

Наталья Зайцева ГБУ ДО БелОДЭБЦ

Position: методист
Degree, title:

Оксана Боброва ГБУ ДО БелОДЭБЦ

Position: Заведующий методическим отделом
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Павел Голеусов НИУ "БелГУ"

Position: Доцент кафедры природопользования и земельного кадастра НИУ "БелГУ"
Degree, title: доктор географических наук