The geography of the native land

Project competition


Moscow state pedagogical University (geographical faculty)

Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov (faculty of geography), Moscow state pedagogical University (geographical Department); Russian Association of geography teachers; the Moscow center of development of personnel potential of education and TO N of Moscow; OOO HDT "of ACIDITY"

Dates: from 13.12.2019 16:11 to 30.04.2020 16:11
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General information

Создание информационно-аналитического интерактивного портала по географии родного края для обобщения и структуризации географических знаний о российских регионах; образования, воспитания и просвещения школьников и студентов; внедрения в образовательный процесс экскурсионных и туристских маршрутов.


  1. the
  2. the Collection and processing of geographical, historical, tourism, environmental, local history information by the project participants in the Russian regions and the exchange of information between the regions of Russia to organize curricular and extracurricular activities.