The contest "InnoMake"

Project competition


General information

Цель Конкурса:

поиск и поддержка авторов инновационных и мейкерских проектов, направленных на решение актуальных проблем, способствующих развитию города Москвы и активному преобразованию окружающего пространства.

Задачи Конкурса связаны с:

  • популяризацией проектных технологий, применением проектных методов при решении различных задач;
  • стимулированием интеллектуального, творческого и профессионального потенциала москвичей; поощрением их творческой инициативы, интереса к современной науке и технике, мейкерству;
  • вовлечением жителей Москвы в активную творческую деятельность через обеспечение доступа к современному оборудованию для реализации инновационных и мейкерских идей;
  • демонстрацией актуальных проектных идей, востребованных научных, инженерно-технических, мейкерских решений;
  • расширением коммуникативного пространства деятельности технологических энтузиастов, “цифровых ремесленников”, мейкеров;
  • популяризация деятельности современных открытых проектных площадок (детские технопарки, центры молодежного инновационного творчества, IT-полигоны, мастерские, проектные офисы при образовательных организациях, культурных центрах, библиотеках и т.д.) среди различных групп населения города Москвы.


To participate in the contest “InnoMake-2019" everyone is invited to realize their projects on open technology, design venues in the city of Moscow.

the Participants can implement their projects in the tracks "Inno” and “Make”


  • the
  • Track "Inno" presents projects that are implemented using digital technologies and software (modeling, design, prototyping, etc.) and modern technological equipment (3D printers and 3D scanners, milling machines with numerical control, etc..);
  • the
  • Track “Make”  is a unique original products, original products, making the projects developed using traditional tools, techniques and practices.

Completed projects

1 . 3D designer Sirius v2.0, with sensors and a mobile app to control Сергей Епифанцев

the Sighted use online maps to examine the route

the Blind can not see, but perfectly perceived tactilely, so we have developed a Methodical Builder that allows people with disabilities the vision to explore any location the major cities.

And the emergence of special sensors and applications the blind can use not only tactile, but sound perception. Because of this increases the efficiency of learning and remembering the route!

2 . Glider for all Вячеслав Колчев

Make svobodnymi glider for the promotion of aviation in Moscow

3 . Model flying wing for training young aviators piloting Никита Усачев

to create a model that is clear in piloting, given that the job should be cheap and easy to manufacture.

4 . The expansion of the program of instruction in primary classes on the subject of astronomy Екатерина Малушко

the Creation and subsequent implementation in the educational process themed computer games and tests with the purpose of easy learning and thorough revising of the lesson material.

5 . 3D motor-wheel Даниил Хмячин

the Use of the hemispherical thruster (3D motor-wheels) can do
the technological revolution in the global auto industry, due to the fact that of the design "classic" vehicles will be removed, as unnecessary, all the nodes of the traditional powertrain (engine, clutch, transmission, driveline, etc.) as well as components of the braking system. 

6 . Agrobot Даниил Хмячин


  • of the Cartesian robot with the ability to scale for use in agriculture;
  • the
  • opportunities for additional improvements and modifications;
  • the
  • Manage the system from any mobile and stationary device.

7 . The introduction of electronic models of technological (EMT) and process measurement Дмитрий Окуньков

When developing models of the elements of product design and technological equipment used basic CAD–system. During the creation of the electronic models shall be provided electronic linkage subassemblies of the product. In the electronic model must be entered system design and technology bases.

     According to the design ER should be generated technological EMT to parts and assemblies in the formation of which can be supplemented (subject to change) geometry (adding allowances, the construction of a scan), be assigned to the technology (Assembly, tooling holes, etc.) and gauge.

      the formation of the working contours of tooling, forming and Assembly, should also be in CAD–electronic systems by linking the geometry of the snap elements of the product structure based on technological factors (e.g., spring).

      in the transition to besplatnoe the production of structural plasma as the source of information, is eliminated, greatly reduces the range of patterns, control and reference a snap.         Separate templates (primarily for monitoring) transition can be used, but their design and manufacture must be carried out on the basis of technological models of the product.

8 . Echospin Всеволод Русаков

to Create a device for monitoring crowded areas(leisure Park) with the aim of protecting the environment from bullying

9 . The design is optimized by weight of the node sample of units Дмитрий Окуньков

the Main task was to design a weight-optimised node linkage Assembly with compensation of horizontal displacements of the attachment points to hang the unit.

10 . The Diode-Laser Engraver Артём Арбузов

Creating a simple and portable diode laser machine engraving plywood.