The contest "InnoMake"

Project competition


General information

Цель Конкурса:

поиск и поддержка авторов инновационных и мейкерских проектов, направленных на решение актуальных проблем, способствующих развитию города Москвы и активному преобразованию окружающего пространства.

Задачи Конкурса связаны с:

  • популяризацией проектных технологий, применением проектных методов при решении различных задач;
  • стимулированием интеллектуального, творческого и профессионального потенциала москвичей; поощрением их творческой инициативы, интереса к современной науке и технике, мейкерству;
  • вовлечением жителей Москвы в активную творческую деятельность через обеспечение доступа к современному оборудованию для реализации инновационных и мейкерских идей;
  • демонстрацией актуальных проектных идей, востребованных научных, инженерно-технических, мейкерских решений;
  • расширением коммуникативного пространства деятельности технологических энтузиастов, “цифровых ремесленников”, мейкеров;
  • популяризация деятельности современных открытых проектных площадок (детские технопарки, центры молодежного инновационного творчества, IT-полигоны, мастерские, проектные офисы при образовательных организациях, культурных центрах, библиотеках и т.д.) среди различных групп населения города Москвы.


To participate in the contest “InnoMake-2019" everyone is invited to realize their projects on open technology, design venues in the city of Moscow.

the Participants can implement their projects in the tracks "Inno” and “Make”


  • the
  • Track "Inno" presents projects that are implemented using digital technologies and software (modeling, design, prototyping, etc.) and modern technological equipment (3D printers and 3D scanners, milling machines with numerical control, etc..);
  • the
  • Track “Make”  is a unique original products, original products, making the projects developed using traditional tools, techniques and practices.

Completed projects

Agropark Boris Yurchenko

Providing the city of Chelyabinsk quality warehouse and refrigeration space

Mathematical modeling of control system of the aircraft with the intonation and gestures of the pilot Наталья Шамина
Six tones phonemes “and” Vietnamese (six phonemes, such as “a”) determined by the specific dynamics of the main tone on the bell section of the syllable. And following technical language, they define the characteristic variability of the amplitudes (energy) that are unambiguously identified in the formation of phonemes articulatory apparatus of a human. 1st tone Fig. 1 Oscillogram – the 1st tone in the word ki 2nd tone Fig. 2 – Waveform – 2nd-th tone in the word ki.
it is Important to note that the lack of effectiveness of existing methods is that they are all preventive in nature [10]. Risk management is the processes related to identification, risk analysis and decision-making, which include maximizing positive and minimizing negative consequences of occurrence of risk events. Risk management includes the development of evidence-based recommendations and implementation of measures aimed at reducing the initial risk level to an acceptable final level. An acceptable level of risk is achieved by developing events, neutralizing the effects of failures that were identified by the results of studies of the consequences of a malfunction of the aircraft or systems, identifying latent failures in the operation of aircraft. 
The drive chain conveyor Наиль Ибрагимов

automation of production. Forced teacher Wolski, D. G.

Introduction of technology of flexible mechanisms in the production of Иван Тиняков

 Traditional mechanisms of solid bodies have a number of components to use their functionality. Consequently, they face problems such as backlash, wear, increase in the number of parts, weight, cost, Assembly time and regular maintenance. By reducing these problems to achieve the best performance of the mechanism and reduce costs. One of the solutions to these problems are the flexible mechanisms. Flexible mechanisms to exploit the elastic properties of the flexible members of the mechanism to transmit force or displacement.

Aerogel in technological constructions of the concept of CPI, Airbus, Technicon Design Лилия Рафикова

currently, the best minds in the aviation industry are trying to optimize the design of AIRCRAFT to reduce weight, fuel consumption and reduce the cost of production. By getting rid of the Windows we can achieve these parameters. The concept of the project is to survey the external cameras of the aircraft and display this image on special monitors mounted in the walls and ceiling of the aircraft (Fig. 1.).

Repair of high-tech sandwich construction based on the material aerogel Мария Кузнецова

 Accelerating scientific and technical progress in aviation - it is first and foremost a significant expansion of the range of materials and technologies. Great efficiency by reducing the weight of the aircraft, and simplification of technology of its production have advanced high-strength PCM , carbon-, glass - and organoplastic and a sandwich construction based on the material aerogel. Increase their use requires the development of new and improvement of existing technologies repair. In addition, the sandwich design based on the material aerogel are the most thin-walled, facing the outer contour of the aircraft more durable materials. They are more susceptible to concentrated loads, often damaged from impacts with foreign objects. In the operation process identifies hidden defects that were not discovered during construction.

The formation of 3D-models of details and Assembly drawing in NX Владислав Поляков

the Formation of 3D-models of details and Assembly drawing in NX,

A closed world of plants Данил Лазорин

the Ecological situation requires the creation of artificial ecosystems for settlement as lifeless areas of Earth and space objects. One of the varieties of closed ecosystems is Floriana. In work researches of the existence of different types of plants in a closed ecosystem. The aim of the project is the creation of a closed Floriana volume of 30 l, inhabited by several species of plants that can exist for several years and can withstand low temperatures. In case of successful completion of the experiment will be able to create large-scale ecosystems with the population of the animals and placed them in the barren territories.

The Diode-Laser Engraver Артём Арбузов

Creating a simple and portable diode laser machine engraving plywood.

Echospin Всеволод Русаков

to Create a device for monitoring crowded areas(leisure Park) with the aim of protecting the environment from bullying