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Dates: from 19.05.2020 13:26 to 31.08.2020 23:59
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General information

Цель Конкурса – укрепление института семьи, поддержка семейных ценностей активизация детско-родительского творчества, направленного на реализацию семейных проектов.

Семейным проектом считается проект, в разработке которого принимали участие совместно дети (до 18 лет) и родители (законные представители), а также другие члены семьи. Сфера ответственности в разработке и реализации проекта у детей, их родителей (законных представителей) и/или других членов семьи должна быть оптимальна их статусу (социальной роли), возрасту и навыкам проектирования.


the Competition in the category "Product" accept family projects submitted in the following formats: drawing, model, prototype, product, obtained as a result of design and modeling.

entries are available in electronic form. Depending on the type of file works claim to extension or the manner of presentation:


  • the
  • graphic files (photos, images etc.) - jpg, jpeg, png; the
  • text file - doc, docx, pdf; the
  • audio files: mp3; the
  • video file - closed link to the video on Youtube or a link to a file hosted in the cloud; the
  • presentation - ppt, pptx, pdf.

In 2020 to establish the following schedule:


  • the
  • Qualifying stage: may 20 -  June 21; the
  • Expert phase: June 21 - July 5; the
  • Presentation of results of the competition: July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity; the
  • Time of distribution of prizes: from 13 July to 31 August 2020 (inclusive).


1 . Feeding stray animals Никита Михалкин

the quarantine we did not go on long walks, but when I went to shop at home, we often met street animals, which used to bustle did not notice. We realized that we are surrounded by many cats in need of food and affection. 


the the

Currency and choice of the research topic is determined by the following factors:

- avoiding harmful pesticides

- save money on food fish by feeding them parts of plants;

- easy flow of all minerals necessary for growth and reproduction of plants and bacteria;

intensive aeration of water as the basis for planting.

double result of management activities: harvest crops and product from fisheries

Goal - to compare the experimental method of growing plants in a conventional way in soil and hydroponically using the waste products of fish.

 To achieve this goal we had to solve the following Problems:

- to Simulate and collect in a home hydroponic setup consisting of an aquarium and tools for planting plants for obtaining the symbiosis of cultivated plants, and fish.

to Study and conduct research method of hydroponics using different plants and methods of their cultivation at home and in a short time.

- Watch the growth of fish and plants in the ecosystem.

And in this paper was carried out as methods:

1) the Method of simulation-built equipment in which placed plants and fish.

2) Method the experiment under the same conditions of temperature and lighting plants, in water and soil.

3) observation Method:

for plant growth in the water in the aquarium

- the growth of plants in soil

- the growth of fish

4) the Method of comparison – compare 2 methods of growing plants in home conditions, which showed that in the fish tank water plants grow faster than in soil.

Hypothesis: Double hydroponics is the fastest way to grow plants.

3 . Honey Антонина Савостеева

introducing the children to bread-baking 

4 . Project coffee shop in the Park "Muzeon" Анастасия Хлынина

the Park ‘read” located at: Moscow, ul Krymskiy Val, 2, is the most apt place for the construction of public catering enterprises. The Park area is large enough and the infrastructure is not developed.

the Park has only a few establishments and cafes, which are located in the main building, so this building could attract visitors and thereby increase the number of tourists in the Park.

secluded Building will be located between the avenues of tall firs, which will not only cast a shadow on hot summer days, but also to give visitors privacy in the heart of the capital.

5 . Glowing Princess for Princess Николай Куртанидзе

to Create an unusual lamp that will be a great addition to the interior in the nursery of a little girl. The lamp in the form of a doll in a dress with a wide hem, in which montieren cartridge with energy saving bulb. The bulb is plugged in, the doll spins around its axis.

6 . Smart robot Юрий Баженов

Fewer people with 


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