Competitive selection of Project teams "Environmental patrol" in the Kursk region

Project competition


Regional resource centre of supplementary education for children of natural-science orientation of the Kursk region

The Committee of education and science of the Kursk region; the Central black earth interregional management of Federal service on supervision in the sphere of nature.

Dates: from 15.01.2020 16:16 to 31.05.2020 16:16


General information

Цель – организация конкурсного отбора команд, которые будут заниматься экологическим мониторингом с дальнейшим использованием набора оборудования проекта «Экологический патруль» (специализированный набор для организации школьного экологического мониторинга).


- активизировать деятельность обучающихся образовательных учреждений для создания экологических проектов по решению экологических проблем;

- повысить у обучающихся уровень знаний, умений и навыков использования современного инструментария в области экологических исследований;

- организовать систематические наблюдения за окружающей средой для определения ее изменений, степени влияния на нее деятельности человека в местах проживания участников Проекта;

- объединить усилия молодежи школьного возраста, педагогического и научного сообщества, исполнительных органов власти (федерального и регионального уровней), органов местного самоуправления и общественности, средств массовой информации в решении проблем охраны окружающей среды Курской области.


To participate in the competition the teams are formed of students of secondary schools and institutions of additional education of 3-5 and a teacher-mentor. The number of teams from one educational institution is not limited.
The age of participants teams: 12-17.
The teacher-mentor may be a teacher of science and nature (chemistry, biology, geography, ecology, etc.), head of the Association of additional education of natural science orientation. Participation in the competition is voluntary and free of charge.

Completed projects

1. "The dynamics of environmental industrial zone of the city of Kursk" Юлия Позднякова

the Environmental situation in our city is not ideal. It bothers the residents, whose health depends on clean air, water, soil. The study is relevant as it allows to get objective information about the real environmental situation in the city.

If you do not monitor the state of the environment, you can skip the attack “tipping point”, in which the restoration environment becomes impossible.

2. "Live spring live..." Ирина Поплавская

 In the territory Martynovskogo village administration currently has several springs, however, many springs have water not suitable for drinking. The springs need protection, careful spending and protection from contamination. Our project is devoted to the preservation of the spring, as the water from the spring is used regularly by local residents.

3. A study of the development of the environmental threats to life in case of improper disposal of waste. Светлана Ветрова

the Environmental crisis is now covered almost the entire planet. Inevitable companion of civilization – a growing number of household and industrial waste. Mountains of garbage grow across the planet. In recent years, the world environmental issues have been given much more attention than before.

 This issue is relevant for our city and Selectoneradio County (where the boarding school №4 ). I can see how dirty garbage areas around the houses (mostly, private sector), littered the roadside automotive  roads. Plastic drifts and mountains of tin cans, glass, polyethylene, mutilated the next forest. We were wondering: where does this trash? I love my city and I hate to see dirty streets, so we decided to conduct a study on this problem.

the IDEA is: "will the student  community to learn to separate waste collection?"

4. Greening the streets of the village Khomutovka Анна Чередник

Problem: In the village of Khomutovka  there is a new sidewalk path along which has remained discarded soil and well-groomed appearance. DDT students have participated in landscaping the streets of the village, and the action all seemed useful and instructive

Hypothesis: If the planting of at least one of a sidewalk path throughout the year on the territory Poselka Khomutovka, then for a while the village will acquire a well maintained, clean and modern look.

5. "Construction of tourist – recreational complex "Russian village" with the further development of ecological routes on the territory of Budanov's rural Council". Виктория Сазонова


According to the forecast of WTO Tourism Vision 2020 in the near future the most perspective types of tourism are cruises, ecological, adventure, sightseeing and thematic tourism. The popularity of ecological tourism due to both the overall development of the tourism industry, and increasing attention to environmental issues and the fashion for all natural, including rest and recuperation in nature.

From the point of view of ecology, this area has all the necessary resources that allows you to organize turistko – a recreational area.

This topic was chosen not by accident, the fact that on the territory of the village Council Budanov is many beautiful natural places where it would be possible to organize tourist – a recreational area where people could organize their leisure time. At the moment, specially equipped places to stay there. This is due to the fact that the ecological condition of the natural environment and on the health of the population  influenced by the nearby  LLC «Shchigry plain”.

Significantly expand the volume of the tourism industry in the territory, will form a positive image of the border area, the possibility of leisure activities in a clean place.

6. "Study of the sanitary condition of the district railway district of Kursk: the identification of risk factors for the health of students" Елена Мальцева

terms of education, training, labour are the environment in which they must be children and adolescents aged 6 (7) years to 17 (18). In these years there has been an intensive process of growth and development of the body is his biological maturation, emerging world, the willingness to a variety of labor and creative activities of the young man. At the same time the school age characterized by greater vulnerability, increased sensitivity to the adverse factors of the environment that may arise during the learning process or work activity. Among the external risk factors influencing deviations from normal health condition in children and adolescents, are the leading factors of the learning environment and work that does not meet hygienic norms and sanitary rules.

7. "A study of the current ecological state of the village Petrin Kursk region" Ирина Сафонова

the village is located Petrin experimental base of Kursk state agricultural experiment station. It is located on the fertile soils of our country –deep black earth. There are ample opportunities for high and stable yields of all crops, and the unlimited intensification of agriculture. Scientific and industrial achievements of the station, developed methods will be instructive not only for areas of the Central Chernozem band, but for the entire Chernozem zone of Russia. What is the ecological state of natural-anthropogenic complex of the village Petrin, decided to explore us.

8. "Native Reut river - our concern" Елена Николаевна Перегудова

Small river must exist and decorate our small home.

Our river Reut shallow and polluted every year. Relatively close to the riverbed is a factory for processing sugar beets. Together with the wastewater production in the fall river inorganic substances (calcium oxide, sulfates, nitrates, carbonic acid, etc.) and organic (molasses), which promote rapid growth and development of bacteria, unicellular and multicellular algae, aquatic plants. Also on the level of contamination of  water is influenced by agricultural runoff. Almost all over on both sides of the river are fields. We believe that we need to save our river, so we give special attention to the problem.

Hypothesis:  we assume that a systematic emissions sewage  sugar   factory, herbicides from fields and contamination of household rubbish leads to the increase of the degree of pollution and the silting up of our rivers.

9. "Ecological status of surface water Yuzhnyy district of Kursk region" Елена Павловна Морозова

¨water is an important element of life. Without it there would be people, animals, plants. Even microscopic bacteria cannot survive without this amazing liquid.  Annually to the water basins are thousands of chemicals with unpredictable effect. In water can be detected by elevated concentrations of toxic heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates and phosphates,  medicines  hormones who can get in drinking water.

¨Today the basis of economic complex Kireyevka area is agriculture, namely: agriculture and processing industry of agricultural products. In the district wheat, rye, maize, sugar beet, sunflower, rapeseed. Developed pig and dairy cattle"... - says the Wikipedia article.

We decided to bratati attention to the problem of surface water pollution Kireyevka area and to prevent the environmental catastrophe of the native area of the nature

10. "Environmental protection activities in protection of a spring well Brezhinsky the city Lgov of Kursk region" Рита Фомина Наталья Белоусова

       is currently the city Lgov lacks clean drinking water because the water coming into the apartment on the water, is not suitable for their performance under the quality standards. This problem of lack of clean water can be solved with the help of springs.

In the Central part of the city of Lgov is a spring, the so - called “Brezhinsky well”. And although we live in a different neighborhood of the city — this spring we have heard since early childhood, and now since two years we use water from this spring. Earlier we used the water received from the water tower of l'govskiy sugar factory, but two years ago, we hooked up to city water system where drinking water is of poor quality,because tap water «bottom» intake rich in iron,  that has to travel 8 kilometers to bring home  good spring water. Many citizens use this water.

Today, the sanitary condition of the spring Brezhinsky well unsatisfactory, as the quality of water in the city is not enough, the flow of people to the spring is increased, and increased the clutter of spring and  surrounding areas. In addition, there is  another problem associated with this spring.We can say that the spring “faulty” and it is necessary to work on the restoration of source. Previously, groundwater rose to the surface of the earth, and the excess water went into the tray, specially constructed for its removal. Later the water was chaotic to spread out underground, which led to the destruction of the concrete walls of the tray, concrete cover the area around the source. Water to gain became difficult.

What can I do in this situation, how to fix the situation?


Ирина Строганова ОБПОУ "Курский государственный политехнический колледж"

Position: педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title:

Владислав Поздняков Центрально-Черноземное межрегиональное управление федеральной службы по надзору в сфере природопользования

Position: Ведущий специалист-эксперт отдела экологического надзора по Курской области
Degree, title: Референт государственной гражданской службы Российской Федерации 2 класса

Елена Ефремова Курский государственный политехнический колледж

Position: Педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title: Магистр

Марина Губченко ОБПОУ "Курский государственный политехнический колледж"

Position: методист, педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title:

Наталья Тригуб Курский государственный универститет

Position: Доцент
Degree, title: Кандидат биологических наук Доцент

Ирина Сошникова Курский Госудаственный университет

Position: Доцент
Degree, title: Кандидат географических наук