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Dates: from 19.05.2020 13:23 to 31.08.2020 23:59
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Цель Конкурса – укрепление института семьи, поддержка семейных ценностей активизация детско-родительского творчества, направленного на реализацию семейных проектов.

Семейным проектом считается проект, в разработке которого принимали участие совместно дети (до 18 лет) и родители (законные представители), а также другие члены семьи. Сфера ответственности в разработке и реализации проекта у детей, их родителей (законных представителей) и/или других членов семьи должна быть оптимальна их статусу (социальной роли), возрасту и навыкам проектирования.


the Competition in the category of "Literary work" accept family projects submitted in the following formats: prose and poetry of his own composition, journalistic articles..

entries are available in electronic form. Depending on the type of file works claim to extension or the manner of presentation:


  • the
  • graphic files (photos, images etc.) - jpg, jpeg, png; the
  • text file - doc, docx, pdf; the
  • audio files: mp3; the
  • video file - closed link to the video on Youtube or a link to a file hosted in the cloud; the
  • presentation - ppt, pptx, pdf.

In 2020 to establish the following schedule:


  • the
  • Qualifying stage: may 20 -  June 21; the
  • Expert phase: June 21 - July 5; the
  • Presentation of results of the competition: July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity; the
  • Time of distribution of prizes: from 13 July to 31 August 2020 (inclusive).


"Roads of victory" Наталья Кузьмина

Group project "Roads of victory" was prepared by the students of the 1st, 2nd and 5th classes (Belomyttseva Alina, Elena karakozoff, Karakozova Svetlana Krasil Anna Krasil Valeria Listrow Eugene, he Merey, he Adiljan Uzdenova Sophia, Shulgin Gleb), STATE "School "Pokrovsky quarter."

the project Managers At Elena V., Kuzmina Natalia.

In this project, we talked about their relatives, war veterans who lived in the Basmanny district, and some of them live there to this day.

A poem on the topic of the day Елена Кроптова

talk to your child about diseases, viruses, the need for isolation and quarantine. About the ways to protect yourself from possible disease

The poem "Honey is dancing on the edge..." Мария Лобова

the Story of the poem

A great victory Екатерина Шулятьева

Descendants do not know the heroes of the second world war.And we have forgotten that we the parents were told about the exploits of our grandfathers.

Tale "The Adventure Of The Snowman" Елена Титова

the Main idea of the project — to write a fairy tale for children. She had to be kind, to reflect some kind of morality and contain interesting plot. On the basis of the tale lies the thesis that all dreams are real, the main thing is to believe in them!

The literary work "Girl in the forest" Silva Kaputikyan Ольга Харченко

  1. VelikaOtechestvennayavoina zakonchilas 75 years ago. This war changed the course of world history, the fate of people and the map of the world. We survived and won. For the Victory was paid the highest price — the price of life. The fate of each family war has left its mark. Grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers every day made the feat.
  2. the
  3. In the war took part and the people greater Armenia.
  4. the
  5. We are together with our family decided that I definitely need to find the poem and author of Armenian descent. 
  6. the
  7. 4. Silva Barankova Kaputikyan (arm. Սիլվա (Սիրվարդ) Բարունակի Կապուտիկյան, 1919–2006) — the greatest Armenian poet of the XX century, writer and essayist, academician of NAS RA. Honored worker of culture of the Armenian SSR (1970). Honored worker of culture of the Georgian SSR (1980). The winner of the Stalin prize of the second degree (1952). S. B. Kaputikyan born 5 Jan 1919 in Yerevan in a family of teachers and former editor of the revolutionary newspaper, refugee.

The poem "Native land" Екатерина Мамешина

the Development of children's poetic creativity, the ability to see beauty, to love the Motherland, to admire and protect the nature. 

The memory of war Елена Гайченкова

the War claimed millions of lives of Soviet people. Almost every family has a veteran.

the Poem "war memorial" was written by me to the 75 anniversary of the victory. 

Literary work "Journey of a cat" Елена Жерелина

the Mastermind of this literary works  was our pet cat, Sam, gray, fluffy and very good, and it seems he is not averse to go somewhere on a journey, whether it is a little bolder.
The main idea of this story is to show children that the world in which we live - an amazing, always filled with new discoveries and the beauty that may sometimes not be noticed, but it's worth a closer look, and even then she will definitely speak to the heart!


The poem "the memory of the house We don't close". Наталья Аксенова

Patriotic education.


Анастасия Козлова ГБУК "ЦБС ЮЗАО"

Position: библиотекарь
Degree, title: Магистр филологии

Ксения Данилюк КЦ ЗИЛ

Position: Библиотекарь
Degree, title:

Анна Гуляева ГБУК г. Москвы КЦ "Лидер"

Position: Руководитель клубного формирования "Юный журналист"
Degree, title: "Ведущий творческий коллектив города Москвы".

Татьяна Кузнецова ГБУК г. Москвы "ЦБС ЗелАО"

Position: Ведущий менеджер
Degree, title: Магистр по направлению "Психология"

Ольга Сосорова ГБУК города Москвы "Библиотека-читальня им А.С. Пушкина"

Position: Ведущий библиотекарь
Degree, title:

Москвин Александр ГБУК г. Москвы "ЦБС ЮАО"

Position: Библиотекарь 1-й категории
Degree, title: магистр культурологии

Даниил Рясов ГБУК г. Москвы "Дом Гоголя"

Position: старший научный сотрудник
Degree, title: кандидат филологических наук

Андрей Никульский ГБУК г. Москвы "Клуб" Феникс

Position: Художественный руководитель
Degree, title:

Мария Третьякова ГБУК ТКС "ОПТИМИСТ"

Position: Руководитель студии
Degree, title: Продюсер, сценарист, режиссер, журналист

Александр Третьяков ГБУК г. Москвы ТКС "Оптимист"

Position: руководитель кружка
Degree, title: продюсер, режиссёр, журналист, обладатель высшей российской награды в области телевидения и радиовещания - Национальной премии «ТЭФИ»