19 апреля 2019
Project intensives
Waste-processing complex "Clean planet"

Clean and affordable land and water for all is an integral part of the world we want to live. Of inventory of land and fresh water on the planet is enough to achieve that dream. But due to poor economy and poor infrastructure, every year millions of people, most of whom are children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene.

today, the most acute question of the pollution of water and land resources waste, as well as products of human activity. 

a Striking example is the developing countries South of the Sahara, Central, South, East, and Southeast Asia. Waste is a serious problem, for example, in the slums bordering Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone.

Packages, empty bottles and cans, used boxes clog up the streets and drains, causing flooding in areas prone to natural disasters.

In Freetown no centre for waste disposal, there is no place to disassemble the trash and separate what can be used for compost or recycling.

the Problem of waste disposal has always stood at the head of the corner. Currently, due to the rapid growth of the number of cities grows, the number of landfills. About 340 kg of waste is thrown away annually by one person. About half of all the waste falls on the so-called municipal solid waste that can't decompose for centuries.

Such a waste of much clog up an already contaminated the environment.

12 апреля 2019
Project intensives

 project Idea on the theme of affordable energy is inspired by the many inventions of the great companions and fighters for the purity of the planet. Many countries, companies, societies and individuals derive energy for their cities, villages, homes, individual units or projects not using limited natural resources such as gas, coal and oil, and unlimited and unending, be it wind, water, the heat of the sun. Our project, embodied in a simple form of the game, carries a tremendous and profound idea is not just renewable energy, and literally spent the human forces in entertainment.

12 апреля 2019
07 февраля 2019
Project intensives
Application for cursor control through the eyes

When I ran the mouse, I got bored, I decided to make innovative breakthrough in the field of information technology and create something new. So there Application to control a cursor with his eyes.