18 January 2020
anthropogenic influence on the ecosystem of the city Petrovsky Park

the location of the Park in luchkovskoho part of the city,  , find close to motorways and industrial enterprises can be reflected in its environmental condition.

17 January 2020
Separate collection of waste - mission accomplished!

the Relevance of the work lies in the search for new effective, environmentally friendly methods of disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) on the basis of the conducted research. It is obvious that the use of old approaches to the disposal (distribution of landfill) is not only environmentally hazardous, but also economically disadvantageous.

the Problem: once a year solid waste becomes more and more. One of the ways of its solution is the separate collection of waste

Hypothesis: I assumed that the people of my village are not ready to divide waste into categories.

Objective of the study: to find out the attitude of residents to separate household waste collection in p Dobrinka

Methods: Theoretical; mathematical; research.

4) to draw conclusions, to apply for a job.

project Objectives:

1.To study the experience of waste management abroad and in Russia.

2.To collect and process information on illegal dumps on the territory of the village of Dobrinka and household waste.

2.To conduct a survey of the population with the aim of identifying ways of waste disposal.

3.Conduct interviews with representatives of  the local administration on the issues of waste disposal in the area.

 4.To analyze the research and to offer eco-conscious methods of waste disposal for residents of the area.

17 January 2020
14 January 2020
"Special economic zone "Lipetsk" and the state of its environment"

the Aim of the research relevant:

      - examine the various sources and materials for the modern economy of the Lipetsk region and the history of the creation of economic zones in Russia (SEZ);

      - to prove the economic viability of establishing SEZs “Lipetsk”

      - to explain the implications of its location on the territory of the Lipetsk region, Gryazinskiy agglomeration;

      - to find out whether the positive impact this major economic project on the social conditions and the welfare of its people;

      - collect information about the state of the environment in connection with the establishment of the SEZ “Lipetsk" measures and activities for nature protection with the aim of using it during lessons and in extracurricular activities in the educational institutions of the region.

13 January 2020
"Bad neighborhood"

-the formation of ecological culture through the development of environmental skills of students.

to help students to take such values to develop these skills that will allow them to choose individual and collective solutions to improve the quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

- to draw the attention of children and adults to the problem of preserving the natural heritage of his native village, by organizing events and activities.

Several participants
13 January 2020