15 April 2020
The environmental impact of the Sibay quarry on the environment

as a result of production activity of mining enterprises number of industrial wastes increases, and the problem of storage and removal becomes more and more relevant. Russia has accumulated and continues to accumulate huge amount of waste of production and consumption that negatively affect the environment and human health.

14 April 2020
Environmental monitoring of air cleanliness in the vicinity of the village Umasheva bajmaksk area various methods of bioindication

We, the members of school forestry «birch” from the village Umasheva bajmaksk area several years are effective in the protection of nature: exploring the environmental condition of our village, participate in environmental campaigns, every year we plant a forest, engaged in teaching and research activities. According to our research it was established that the vehicles passing on the highway Baymak - Esperdy, pollute the air, the number of springs and wells every year becomes less, and the number of landfills around the village, on the contrary,  increasing. Agricultural vehicles, gas stations can pollute water and soil.  Plants protect us from different dirty poisonous gases. So we have to plant trees and shrubs surrounding our territory. At the request of the forestry workers every year students of our school 10-15 hectares planted seedlings of trees. Last year we planted about 10 hectares of trees. The forest survive 95-99% of young planted seedlings, and planting along roads 85-90%.

31 March 2020
Comprehensive monitoring of the environment. Askarovo Abzelilovsky district Republic of Bashkortostan

Project ““a Comprehensive environmental monitoring . Askarovo Abzelilovsky district of the Republic” designed for environmental education of future generations. In today's world, where environmental problems have become global catastrophic proportions, it is very important that the younger generation of  aware of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. Therefore, this project is very relevant, as it promotes the formation of positive attitude of students  to nature.

31 March 2020
Save the spring and small river

the Idea of the project is not only  the performance  monitoring environmental  conditions of springs and small rivers Buraevskogo district, but also in identifying causes of contamination. Simultaneously, searches for ways to eliminate pollution.

Hypothesis: recently, the quality of water in rivers depends largely on the impact of anthropogenic factors.

Objective: to assess the ecological state of water and identify  the cause of contamination in springs and rivers Buraevskogo district.

Objectives: to determine the purity of water and the degree of contamination of ecosystems in the study area. 

31 March 2020
31 March 2020
The study of aquatic ecosystems in the urban environment in the territory of the city of Beloretsk

the Idea of the project is to enable students integrated enterprises “Akvamir” in research and project activities on hydrological and hydrobiological basics and aims to create an ecologically oriented models of human interaction with nature. Water is the source of life on earth and the preservation of clean water resources is a priority. In the Beloretsk area of the starting point of many river such as White, AI, Yuryuzan, Pain. Small. Inzer... Sources of pollution in the basin of the upper White are the objects of metallurgical (OJSC BMK) and utility (MUP “Vodokanal”) industry. The immediate impact of enterprises on the quality of water resources is manifested through the discharge of waste water, mediated – through flue gas emissions, waste accumulating in landfills and on-site businesses. Also, a significant impact on the formation in bilorits'ke reservoir of contaminants having a storm drain of the city.

the aim of the project: the study of aquatic ecosystems in the urban environment in the territory of Beloretsk.

project Tasks:

-give the General physical - geographical characteristics of the area of study of natural waters of the city of Beloretsk;

-to determine morphometric parameters of hydrological features;

to determine hydrophysical parameters of the water in the natural waters of the city of Beloretsk;

to determine the hydrochemical parameters of water in the natural waters of the city of Beloretsk;

to investigate the vegetation water and aquatic ecosystems;

-learn techniques to kartirovanija hearths and dumps within the catchment area and initial assessment of damage to soil and vegetation cover of the catchment area recreation activities of the population;

-to learn and apply in practice methods of identifying and kartirovanija of soil erosion, assessment of soil erosion, degree of recreational load on ecosystem.

-design of the ecological passport of water object, to make a reasoned expert opinion on suitability of the water body;

- the education of ecological culture and environmental awareness through dissemination of the results in mass media;

30 March 2020
Optimization of environmental monitoring of water quality in the river Ashkadar in the town of Sterlitamak on the results of research


In recent years, the emphasis in assessing the quality of surface waters is done on complex indicators. Even Vladimir MOROKOV in 1987 wrote that the main reasons for the increased interest in holistic indicators lie in the difficulties connected with the cumbersome system of water quality assessment at the large number of individual characteristics of its composition and properties. Comprehensive water quality indicators should provide a single place to evaluate and compare the purity of the water at different points and at different points in time, as well as the possibility of identifying substances making the main contribution to total water pollution. It remains extremely relevant in 2019 (Chaus, 2019).

Water is essential for all living beings on our planet. From its quality depends largely on human health, ecosystem sustainability, and primarily inhabitants of aquatic biocenoses. Therefore, “tracking pollution level of river ecosystems is an urgent necessity of our time, when the local technogenic and anthropogenic impact on water bodies has become regional and basin nature" (Mykolaiv, 2017).

Andaktualnosci due to the fact that from the point of view of water quality of the river Ashkadar studied enough on it not being a regular of studies and the status of this surface watercourse is investigated systematically only on hydrological and physico-chemical parameters. But just based on these analyses, it is not always possible to give an accurate assessment of an integrated water quality and determine its impact on the biota.

30 March 2020
Second life...

to Study the types of trash.

to Study the time decay of the debris.

to Study the effect of the trash problems on the environment.

to explore ways to solve the garbage problem.


27 March 2020
Determination of acidity of soil

For us, the study of  the acidity of the soil pryimatchenko plot is quite an important issue. Because in order to have well-maintained and environmentally well-organized site, you need to know the chemical composition of the soil, its type and structure.

We are interested in this topic because we think that this project work will help to draw up a plan of our site and to properly build it.

Near the School №1 has a sufficiently large area of land. In order to determine soil acidity need to know the properties of the soil, its composition.

But there is another reason for choosing the topic of the project work. This is the process of its implementation. First, this is a test of our theoretical knowledge of biology, chemistry and ecology. Second, the work itself is fun and rewarding. Indeed, in the course we learned not only about the composition and properties of the soil, and what changes can occur under the influence of various environmental factors.

We want to be able to determine the degree of acidity of the soil, its composition and find out which substances is not enough in order to become fertile. Also the study of the composition of the soil will help determine the advantages and disadvantages of different types of soils in terms of acidity.

nowadays it is important to ascertain the degree of contamination in the area, how it affects the plants and animals of the area. Chemical and biological analyses will help to identify the signs and causes of soil pollution. Identify characteristics of composition and properties of a particular soil will determine the methods to combat acidity.

27 March 2020
27 March 2020
Changes air quality and water sources in the village of Energetik in the activities of the Karmanovskaya GRES and other anthropogenic factors

Hypothesis:   quality of water, air, soil in the village of Energetik largely depends on the effects of Karmanovskaya SDPP, and anthropogenic factors that  affects human health and on the ecosystem.

 Ecological risk under anthropogenic pollution of natural sources of fresh water, air, soil  can be affected not only people but also the ecosystem as a whole.

Objective:  to determine the quality of water, air, soil village engineer on the basis of physico - chemical analysis.

Objectives: show the dependence of the quality of water, air, soil from the influence of Karmanovskaya SDPP, and anthropogenic impacts (railway, power lines, roads); to raise the question of the use of natural sources for water supply with periodic quality control and standardization of MPC.

in Water terminated for various reasons, occasionally the water is not of appropriate quality. It is therefore necessary to consider alternative water supply sources (springs, wells, keys, freshwater lakes, etc.) to protect them from contamination, destruction, irrational use  to improve  the surrounding area ;

atmospheric pollution and noise pollution in the village of Energetik happens all the time and in this connection it is necessary to increase the area of green plantings;


-LEP affects individual and community,  is necessary to inform the population about the harmful effects of power lines  produce booklets on the prevention of impacts from negative influences in the village of Energetik.

Studies of water quality, air, soil, information about the state of ecosystems of the territory   will be covered in social networks and media. This work takes into account the interrelated activities of  children and adults with the world through the  inclusion in active conservation   operation.

27 March 2020
"Ecological monitoring of the environment of the city of Kumertau and kuyurgazinskogo district"

project Goal – improving the effectiveness of environmental control in the city and the region by involving students and teaching staff of educational institutions and enhance environmental education for children and youth, as well as providing the interested organizations and the public with information on the status and  changes in the environment.

23 March 2020
The establishment of a green route from Neftekamsk to Nikolo - Berezovka

Solve a problem: monitoring the environment area of Neftekamsk in the direction of the village Nikolo-Berezovka;

the Idea: creation of ecological trails in order to study the avifauna;

Hypothesis: if  create ecological path in the forest area of Neftekamsk, this will allow for monitoring of water, soil and air and to draw public attention to the state of the environment.

16 March 2020
"Environmental monitoring of the path of health city Neftekamsk"

Conduct environmental monitoring of the ecological state of health tracks in the town of Neftekamsk.

16 March 2020
15 March 2020
Definition of pollution of snow cover in the village of Mikhailovka, Ufa district, the Republic of Bashkortostan


currently, very acute problem of the growth of cancer. One of the main causes of cancer is considered a poor environment. Harmful substances accumulated over the years in nature and the human body, as a result, it gives rise to cancer.

snow is the battery pollution. The snow cover accumulates in its composition practically all of the substances entering into the atmosphere. In this regard, it can be considered as a specific indicator of environmental pollution.

Objective: monitoring of snow cover by method of analysis physico-chemical properties and bioassay S. Mikhailovka, Ufa district.


  1. to analyze the physico-chemical properties of samples of the snow cover.
  2. the
  3. to Undertake a study of snow samples by the method of biotesting.
  4. the
  5. to Identify the main sources of pollution of the snow cover.

Hypothesis: the pollution of the snow cover is greatly influenced by road transport, and emissions of factory “Ufamebel”.

01 March 2020
The impact of the thermal power plants on the environment by the example of Karmanovskaya GRES

Karmanovskaya SDPP has an adverse effect on the environment of our village.

28 February 2020

worldwide, the technology updates happening at tremendous speed, this also requires professionals who can work at the interface of scientific disciplines, to search for information and generate solutions to engineering problems. The relevance of project is the objective need to resolve the contradictions between the requirements of the state in a qualitatively prepared students who are able  to work in a team of peers to overcome difficulties in the implementation of research projects with  the skill of public speaking and low efficiency of existing forms of organization of additional education of children.

the Idea  of the project is to engage in research and project activity of school children of all ages and  aims to  the formation of ecologically oriented interaction models  of children with the surrounding world, which  can be formed only as a result of  its inclusion in the active environmental  project. 

23 February 2020
Research work on the topic: "Defining the state of the atmosphere"


All living beings of the planet Earth need oxygen. Man needs oxygen. Without oxygen he would not survive more than 5 minutes. Oxygen occupies 21% by volume of air. So it spans a considerable part of the atmosphere – air envelope of the Earth. A bluish color of the air gives it oxygen. But inhaled air must have a certain quality. The most important thing – the absence of contaminants, harmful substances and smog, dust, soot, etc. the Global environmental problem of the planet is – air pollution by dust, benzopyrene, toxic gases of industrial enterprises. Polluted air does not miss the ultraviolet rays, which have antibacterial properties. The dust settles on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, irritating to respiratory system and eyesight, reduces the illumination of streets, settles on plant leaves and prevents photosynthesis. Carbon black increases the percentage of lung cancers.

All substances in the atmosphere are deposited on the ground. Snow accumulates these substances playing the role of an indicator of purity. The stock of snow depends on the supply of groundwater. The composition of the snow surface can affect the quality of drinking water, the content of harmful substances in the composition of the soil and waters of the area.

So we in the study used state data of snow cover the village and surrounding areas.

the village is located 2 boilers, fleet, personal transportation, granary

          We took the analysis of the snow water at different points of enterprises.

Objective: check the quality of the snow water in the territory of the village.

the Objectives:

  1. to Analyze the scientific literature on the study of snow water.
  2. the
  3. to Determine the quality of the snow water in the territory of different agricultural enterprises.
  4. the
  5. to Make a conclusion about the degree of contamination of the area.

the Object of study: the snow on the territory of agricultural enterprises.

the subject of the study: contaminants of snow from different sources and farms.

research Methods:


scientific literature

Studying the Internet – resources


- taking samples of snow from different areas of the rural settlement;

-check organoleptic and chemical parameters of meltwater;



a comparison of the data analysis.


Hypothesis: the contamination of the area depends on air pollution substances emitted by vehicles and industries.

Practical implications:   

This research work will allow to obtain information about the state   air  to draw public attention to the problem of air pollution

23 February 2020
13 February 2020
The study of urban environment in Tuymazy

the City of Tuymazy is the administrative centre of the Tuymazy district of Bashkortostan Republic, there are a large number of industrial enterprises and converge the different transport streams. We propose to track the state of the urban environment in different ways in interaction with state authorities of supervision and control.

13 February 2020
Estimation of influence of technogenic emissions on the ecological state of soil of urban system (for example, the city Ishimbay)

This project is relevant because having reviewed literature about the ecology of the city Ishimbay, we came to the conclusion that such studies on the problem of pollution and study the effects of given at the present time very little attention. Thus, we tried to fill this gap. One of the major environmental problems of our time is urbanization associated with rapid growth of cities and industrial enterprises. The concentration of industrial enterprises, powerful traffic streams, has led to the fact that the industrial enterprises are allocated to natural background as concentrations of environmental pollutants. About 1% of the land area of Land occupied by cities, the share of urban population in the total population of industrialized countries is 75%. Arising complex ecological situation in these areas is dangerous to the health of the population.

09 February 2020
Use of biological method for destroying whitefly

After the tour, LLC Greenhouse “Yanaul" for me, it became clear that this production in many areas in the green technology: it is a method of drip irrigation, a method of entomophages and methods bees for pollination.

Probably not the grower who would not know the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci).  a Very small insect in the form of a white butterfly size 1.5 mm. Affects many crops: cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant plants. In recent years, the whitefly had greatly increased, and more and more questions: "How to deal with this scourge?"

Whiteflies harm plants for all life stages – are harmful to the larvae of all generations and adult butterflies. To deal with whiteflies is difficult – it requires a comprehensive response and prevention with all means available: biological, chemical, mechanical, and folk. But the problem is that many chemicals act only on the adult, and after some time, the population of these pests is restored.

To destroy whitefly in production use of macrolophus bug (Macrolophus Caliginosus). This method is called the method of natural, that is, the use of for pest control other insect predators.

I have aimed more will study the process of biosecurity from whitefly and will share this knowledge with their peers.

Task in front of me were many:

1) consider the features of the external structure of the whitefly  and macrolophus

2)  to study food chain: cucumbers(tobacco)-whitefly-macrolophus

3) be considered in the biological laboratory of the greenhouse complex methods of breeding macrolophus

4) to draw conclusions about the use of green technologies in production.

5) to share the acquired knowledge with swastikam.

To do this, we armed with a camera and a magnifying glass used a method of observation,  statistical calculation and experiment.

All observations and experimental work carried out in the laboratory Greenhouse complex “Yanaul” in March and April 2019.