23 February 2020
Research work on the topic: "Defining the state of the atmosphere"


All living beings of the planet Earth need oxygen. Man needs oxygen. Without oxygen he would not survive more than 5 minutes. Oxygen occupies 21% by volume of air. So it spans a considerable part of the atmosphere – air envelope of the Earth. A bluish color of the air gives it oxygen. But inhaled air must have a certain quality. The most important thing – the absence of contaminants, harmful substances and smog, dust, soot, etc. the Global environmental problem of the planet is – air pollution by dust, benzopyrene, toxic gases of industrial enterprises. Polluted air does not miss the ultraviolet rays, which have antibacterial properties. The dust settles on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, irritating to respiratory system and eyesight, reduces the illumination of streets, settles on plant leaves and prevents photosynthesis. Carbon black increases the percentage of lung cancers.

All substances in the atmosphere are deposited on the ground. Snow accumulates these substances playing the role of an indicator of purity. The stock of snow depends on the supply of groundwater. The composition of the snow surface can affect the quality of drinking water, the content of harmful substances in the composition of the soil and waters of the area.

So we in the study used state data of snow cover the village and surrounding areas.

the village is located 2 boilers, fleet, personal transportation, granary

          We took the analysis of the snow water at different points of enterprises.

Objective: check the quality of the snow water in the territory of the village.

the Objectives:

  1. to Analyze the scientific literature on the study of snow water.
  2. the
  3. to Determine the quality of the snow water in the territory of different agricultural enterprises.
  4. the
  5. to Make a conclusion about the degree of contamination of the area.

the Object of study: the snow on the territory of agricultural enterprises.

the subject of the study: contaminants of snow from different sources and farms.

research Methods:


scientific literature

Studying the Internet – resources


- taking samples of snow from different areas of the rural settlement;

-check organoleptic and chemical parameters of meltwater;



a comparison of the data analysis.


Hypothesis: the contamination of the area depends on air pollution substances emitted by vehicles and industries.

Practical implications:   

This research work will allow to obtain information about the state   air  to draw public attention to the problem of air pollution

13 February 2020
Estimation of influence of technogenic emissions on the ecological state of soil of urban system (for example, the city Ishimbay)

This project is relevant because having reviewed literature about the ecology of the city Ishimbay, we came to the conclusion that such studies on the problem of pollution and study the effects of given at the present time very little attention. Thus, we tried to fill this gap. One of the major environmental problems of our time is urbanization associated with rapid growth of cities and industrial enterprises. The concentration of industrial enterprises, powerful traffic streams, has led to the fact that the industrial enterprises are allocated to natural background as concentrations of environmental pollutants. About 1% of the land area of Land occupied by cities, the share of urban population in the total population of industrialized countries is 75%. Arising complex ecological situation in these areas is dangerous to the health of the population.

09 February 2020
Use of biological method for destroying whitefly

After the tour, LLC Greenhouse “Yanaul" for me, it became clear that this production in many areas in the green technology: it is a method of drip irrigation, a method of entomophages and methods bees for pollination.

Probably not the grower who would not know the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci).  a Very small insect in the form of a white butterfly size 1.5 mm. Affects many crops: cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant plants. In recent years, the whitefly had greatly increased, and more and more questions: "How to deal with this scourge?"

Whiteflies harm plants for all life stages – are harmful to the larvae of all generations and adult butterflies. To deal with whiteflies is difficult – it requires a comprehensive response and prevention with all means available: biological, chemical, mechanical, and folk. But the problem is that many chemicals act only on the adult, and after some time, the population of these pests is restored.

To destroy whitefly in production use of macrolophus bug (Macrolophus Caliginosus). This method is called the method of natural, that is, the use of for pest control other insect predators.

I have aimed more will study the process of biosecurity from whitefly and will share this knowledge with their peers.

Task in front of me were many:

1) consider the features of the external structure of the whitefly  and macrolophus

2)  to study food chain: cucumbers(tobacco)-whitefly-macrolophus

3) be considered in the biological laboratory of the greenhouse complex methods of breeding macrolophus

4) to draw conclusions about the use of green technologies in production.

5) to share the acquired knowledge with swastikam.

To do this, we armed with a camera and a magnifying glass used a method of observation,  statistical calculation and experiment.

All observations and experimental work carried out in the laboratory Greenhouse complex “Yanaul” in March and April 2019.

09 February 2020