30 April 2020
Evaluation of quality indicators in water bodies of the Samara region


the Theme of assessment of the state water is currently very topical. The water may have on the health of people both positive and negative effects. Now in connection with the deterioration of the ecological situation, the problem of water quality was the most relevant to the world. Not to mention that technological progress has brought in the lives of people not only new technologies, but also environmental problems. Scientists are trying to draw people's attention to water quality. Water -   second   significance   substance (after   air).  human Existence without water is impossible. From drinking water affects human health [1,3].  


         to evaluate the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of the water some of water bodies of G. O. Samara and municipal districts of Samara region and Krasnoyarsk Kinel.


  1. to analyze the organoleptic properties of water of the investigated water objects;
  2. the
  3. to analyze the physico-chemical properties of the water of the investigated water objects;
  4. the
  5. to make recommendations on the use of water from these sources.

the Object of study.

the Object of study is water, selected from five water sources G. O. Samara and Samara region.

Subject of the study.

the Subject of research are physical and chemical properties of water in water bodies.

Hypothesis: the Use of natural water without pre-treatment can harm the body. Water quality depending on the source (spring, borehole, well) on the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties significantly different.


When executing this work were used following methods:


    Theoretical: the analysis of information sources, compare the results.

    Empirical: monitoring, laboratory monitoring, induction.

    Mathematical: calculation, and statistics.

    Experimental: setting of the experience.

Observation gives the possibility to describe physical objects and phenomena. To determine the properties of water, the observations were performed during the design of experiments.

Comparison allows you to set the similarity and difference of objects and phenomena of reality. Compared the results of studies of different water samples.

Experience the reproduction of some phenomena experimentally, the creation of new specific conditions for research, trials. Conducted experiments to determine the physico-chemical properties of water.

Analysis the study by the consideration of individual aspects, properties, parts of properties of water. A comparative analysis of samples of water.

Induction method of reasoning from partial facts, provisions to common conclusions. Data obtained during the experiments and observations were analysed and summarized.

         the Practical significance of studies of water quality.

Due to a shortage of clean drinking water is of practical importance is the study of the quality of drinking water sources (spring, river, borehole, well). To assess the quality of drinking water is needed everywhere – at home, at school, at the cottage, camping and travel. It helps to prevent many trouble in my life related to gastrointestinal diseases and infectious diseases.

Scientific novelty.

we studied the literature [2,3,12,16,23,24,25] there was a lot of information on the assessment of water quality in Samara region. Basically, it was the analyses of samples from certain sites large and small rivers, but not found elsewhere for information about testing water quality in the studied areas. The results of our research can serve as addition to already received information for the purpose of recreating a more complete picture of the environmental situation in the Volga basin in the Samara region. 

Time and venue of the study.

the Study was conducted from April to October 2019. Water intake was carried out in three replicates in three districts of the Samara region from five water sources:

  1. Volga River near Pervomayskaya St. Samara (1 point selection).
  2. the Well and the well is near a suburban array of “Health” M. R. Kinel (2 sampling points). the

  3. Well near a suburban array of ‘Shokoladki” M. p. Krasnoyarsk (1 point selection)
  4. the
  5. Spring array between the country “Wodinsky” and the village of Pidlisne M. R. Krasnoyarsk (1 point selection).

Laboratory analysis of water samples from the studied water sources was conducted on the basis of the Regional children's microbiological laboratory of the Regional children's ecological and biological center under the guidance of head of laboratory Osipova Irina anatolevny.

29 April 2020
Assessment of the impact of green spaces on the purity of atmospheric air

the relevance of the study. the Green areas are of great importance in the purification of urban air from dust and gases. Dust settles on leaves, branches and trunks of trees and shrubs, and then washed off by rainfalls on the earth [2]. Air pollution has harmful effects on humans and animals, as it contaminates the respiratory system of humans and animals small particles and toxic gases. If the respiratory system fall of the pollutant, the person sneezes and coughs. Thus, the removed contaminated air and mucus.

long-term Constant exposure to polluted air leads to overload and overflow protective systems, resulting develop diseases of the respiratory system and allergic diseases. The study of the purity of air in different areas of cities with a population of over a million people and the impact of green space for air pollution control is relevant.

Objective: to determine air pollution in different sites g. o. Samara with a different amount of greenery.



1. To determine the number of bacterial cells in the atmospheric air of the areas busiest highways with different number of green spaces.

2. To identify the role of green spaces in the purification of air.

the hypothesis of the study: assumes green spaces reduce the amount of harmful substances and microorganisms in the atmospheric air.

subjects: the atmospheric air of the areas busiest highways G. O. Samara with a different amount of greenery.

Subject of the study: the number of microorganisms in the atmospheric air of the busy motorway and parks.

Time and place of the study: the study was conducted in the period from may to October, 2019 on the basis of the laboratory of Microbiology of GBOU DOD “Samara regional children's ecological and biological centre”.





20 April 2020
Business plan "Construction waste recycling plant in the city Pokhvistnevo "

Today, according to the state Corporation «rostec», which is the largest participant of the market of waste management in the country, on the territory of Russia has accumulated more than 31 billion tons of waste neutiliziruemoy. And their number is increasing annually by more than 60 million tons.

Ministry of natural resources has been estimated that in every Russian there is 400 kilograms of waste per year. Well, the average Russian family of four people throws out in a year about 150 pounds of different kinds of plastics, approximately 100 kilos of waste, and about 1000 glass bottles. In this regard, it can be argued that our country again today the target of big money, because today, projects on waste management are a global trend, which is interesting for both the business and foreign investors.

Problem: the Root of the garbage problem in Russia is not in a constant increase in the volume of solid waste, but rather in the inability of these authorities to properly dispose of waste.

the Data available to the company «rostec» show that at least 40% of the total accumulated in the country waste is a valuable secondary raw material. However, the processing receives only about 7—8% of household waste, and trash the rest just transported to landfills.


the Subject of business planning is the activity of the company, consisting of the aspiration to achieve the main objectives the mission of the company.

business planning are the resources and processes of the company.

business planning: is the planning of economic activities of the company in accordance with market needs and opportunities for acquiring the necessary resources.

17 April 2020
School property is the business card of the school

the Creation of an ecological design project to transform a school site into a comfortable and beautiful mini-ecosystem.

17 April 2020
17 April 2020
"Evaluation of the ecological state of springs village Isakly"

Problem: in recent years we have increasingly begun to think, what kind of water are we drinking? Under the influence of anthropogenic load is the deterioration and contamination of groundwater. Groundwater quality not all fields meet modern regulatory requirements for drinking water.


 to Assess the ecological status of springs in the physico-chemical parameters of water


  • to study the literature about the properties of water and environmental issues.
  • the
  • to conduct a hydrological study of the water of the springs;
  • the
  • to carry out physico-chemical water quality analysis;
  • the
  • to establish compliance with drinking water quality sanitary standards;
  • the
  • to conduct a sociological study;
  • the
  • almost see the method of determination of water hardness and pH.
  • the
  • to analyze the water from springs located in the village of Isakly.

Hypothesis: quality spring water corresponds to sanitary norms "Drinking water" and is not dangerous for human health.   

subjects: springs.  

Subject of the study: the physical, chemical characteristics of spring water quality and ecological status of water.

research Methods: search, research, analytical, comparative, sociological.

Urgency: the problem of clean water is always associated with the problems of human health and quality of life.

17 April 2020
Social project "Live, Forest!"

wood, like any other ecological system cannot accommodate an infinite number of tourists, which pollute the environment. In the areas of forests located near settlements, appear illegal dumping. If the load is too large, in the forest ecosystem of disturbed metabolism and energy, and its gradual destruction. If the load is not reduced, then forest environment begins irreversibly to crumble, or, as scientists say, to degrade.

On the territory Nacascolo forestry is Racheuski Bor - monument nature, which is also subject to negative effects, including as a result of human activities.

But Bor is not a monument of Federal significance.

flora Nacascolo boron is studied from the 18th century to the present day, but in recent years there is a big anthropogenic impact. So it makes sense to study the ecological status of a natural monument, and to develop a series of environmental measures for the conservation and restoration of Nacascolo forest.

To not run out of natural resources needed to maintain their recovery, and to save not just the individual representative of the geographical environment, and the entire territory as a whole.

When I go change the face of the planet, we need to ensure that all the amazing parts was studied and researched.

the goal of the project. the Study of the ecological state Nacascolo boron and improve its sanitary condition.

project Objectives:

  1. Promotion of knowledge about the forest.
  2. Educational work among the villagers to protect the environment. the

  3. planting Care of young stands and other work contributing to forest productivity.
  4. the
  5. Development and implementation of environmental measures for the conservation and restoration of pine forest.
  6. the
  7. experimental research work on studying of boron.
  8. the
  9. Environmental education students.

Object: Racheuski Bor 

Subject: the ecological status of Nacascolo Bora.

Place of project implementation: the Samara region, Syzran district, the village of Old Rachejjka Rucheiskoe forestry.

Time of work: 2016-2019 year.

11 April 2020
Green marathon for the protection of soils through ethnoecological traditions
10 April 2020
Determination of the level of air pollution exhaust gases of vehicles


the Increase in the content of carbon monoxide in the air by exhaust gases of motor vehicles.


10 April 2020
07 April 2020
"Analysis of the status of stagnant water bodies in the city of Togliatti"

Our country has enormous water resources, including lakes, ponds, rivers and the sea. Today we often hear that many of the water resources of the planet are in a difficult environmental condition, and freshwater resources in some countries is very limited.

Numerous studies of scientists talking about the decline in the quality of drinking water. The research results are getting worse. This is facilitated by the lack of required protection of fresh and marine waters from pollution, poor wastewater treatment. Modern science has developed many equipment and technologies that are able to clean and restore the condition of water objects.

background. after Analyzing the global state of water resources, we began to wonder: contaminated water bodies in the city of Togliatti? We decided to study and analyze the state of lake Forest, located in the forest zone of the Central area Tolyatti.

30 March 2020
"Evaluation of the ecological status of the river Chelinka"

Relevance. River Chelinka subject to significant load in conditions of anthropogenic impact of economic and other human activities. In order to know to what extent it needs implementation of protective measures recommended for water protection zones of small rivers, it is necessary to assess the ecological status of the watercourse. In identifying environmental problems it is necessary to develop a list of measures aimed at the solution of this problem.

29 March 2020
My little clean homeland

     the Quantity of domestic waste is increasing annually, them dirty streets, there are unauthorized dumps, only when the environmental conscious behavior of each resident, we can reduce  the quantity you want and to make our village cleaner.

 Purpose. to Draw people's attention to the problem of increasing the amount of household waste and ways of reducing it.


- to Collect statistics and research data concerning the influence of various methods of disposal of municipal solid waste(MSW) on human health and quantity  of solid waste per one inhabitant.

-  to Produce and provide the public with a campaign of  materials: brochures, displays, presentations.

- to be Held in conjunction with the village administration a competition for the most original design of the site using “potential debris"(plastic bottles, dishes, toys, etc.)

- to Conduct a series of community work days to eliminate unauthorized dumps.

- Conduct a campaign to collect waste paper.

- to Create a group on social networks for the exchange of experiences on reduction of household waste and to draw attention to this problem.

is to Attract the local media for coverage carried out during the project activities. 

is to monitor a population for analysis the result of the project.

27 March 2020
Evaluation of the effect of abiotic factors on the change in the amount of humus in the soil by processing organic waste manure worms Eisenia fetida

        Traditional agriculture based on the use of synthetic plant protection products and quick-dissolving mineral fertilizers negative impact on the condition of the soil. An alternative system, which uses the processing of organic waste manure worms Eisenia fetida bringing restore and improve conditions for soil organisms, which promotes sustainable agriculture.

Hypothesis:  manure worms Eisenia fetidа as a result of processing organic waste convert the soil more fertile, greatly enriching it in humus.

27 March 2020
26 March 2020
"Monitoring the ecological status of the river Surgut Samara region"

In the village where I live, the river Surgut. The total length of the river is 97 km In the last 5-6 years there was a strong decrease in the level of water in the river Juice, which causes a shallowing and narrowing of the channel. 

But despite all this, the river is found a large variety of fish, which is impossible in case of strong pollution of the river.

If the river Surgut is heavily polluted, why there is great species diversity of fish.

We decided to test methods for determining the purity of water in determining the pollution of the river Surgut Samara region.

If you examine the pollution of the river Surgut, it is possible to develop measures to clean it up

the the


26 March 2020
The influence of cattle wastes on water R. Svinuh.

study of the effect of the waste of farms cattle on the composition of the water of the river Svinuh occurring in Khvorostyanskaya area.

26 March 2020
Live Dubrovka!

 Mikusinski shady grove is a monument of nature Isaklinskiy district of Samara region. Security mode is set 25.09.1967 year by the decision of Kuibyshev regional Executive Committee and confirmed by the decree of the government of Samara region dated 29.12.2012. 

25 March 2020
"Assessment of ecological status of environment components 14 quarter of the city of Togliatti"

assessing the ecological status of environmental components 14 quarter of the city of Togliatti,  by  the study of the quality physico-chemical parameters of the snow cover.

25 March 2020
24 March 2020
"Our village against garbage"

the Idea of our project is to study the ecosystem of the Park "Culture" and to take active part in the improvement of the Park,which is located at the address: the village Varlamovo, Syzranskiy rayon, Samarskaya oblast'.The project will help to expand knowledge and strengthen the skills of conscious and responsible treatment of people with garbage. And as a consequence - improving the environment of the village and reducing the burden on the environment.

23 March 2020
The study of burial of toxic chemicals in the ravine Rakovskaya yaruga

nowadays, the problem of the state of the environment has increased tremendously due to the significant impact of human activities on nature. 

20 March 2020
ECOSUMY (School grounds without a package)

Plastic bags - intensive polluter of the environment. This many do not think about choosing in the first place, convenience, and acquire them in stores, multiplying multi-ton waste. Plastic is a polymer, its production consumes hydrocarbons, i.e., finite and precious resources. 

20 March 2020
"The second life of a plastic bottle"

to Explore the possibility of recycled plastic bottles in the home.

20 March 2020