25 February 2020
Agglomeration of the cities of Orsk and Novotroitsk

the merging of the Orsk and Novotroitsk is considered as a anti-crisis measure. Both cities are losing population, experiencing similar problems. With their merger formed a greater center East of the Orenburg region with the population exceeding 300 thousand people, and it makes it more interesting for the investor. Rather, it makes it just visible to the investor who does not perceive us as site separately, simply because formal requirements to the demographics. It is assumed and the effect of cost savings, by consolidating the administrative apparatus. It will also lead to the development of transport networks. People working in Novotroitsk, but living in Orsk (and Vice versa), it will be easier to get to work, and with this rise, and the economy of the new metropolis.   

         Examining sources of information, we have assumed that a significant problem may become not only a reduction in administrative staff, but also increase the concentration of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere. In Orsk there are over 95 of the enterprises having emissions of polluting substances in air pool of the city.   In novotroick  more than 10 companies emit pollutants into the atmosphere of the city. At the confluence of cities and the expansion of core enterprises, the environmental situation can rapidly deteriorate. Assume that to avoid this will allow alternative directions of employment of the population of towns and ecological development between Orsk and Novotroitsk.

18 February 2020
"Environmental patrol"

the Unfavorable ecological situation in the city (an industrial enterprise) has a negative impact on the environment and the health status of the population, especially children. Consumer attitude to nature, ignorance of the rules of conduct in nature can lead to disaster. Children, without hesitation, pluck the flowers, destroying the wildlife, and adults while showing indifference. 

       Overcoming the ecological crisis requires a change in traditional norms and values of man in relation to nature and to itself: changes in the contents and nature of the environmental education. In this connection it is necessary to highlight the following contradictions that require immediate resolution: 


    between the desire to live in a clean world, and environmental illiteracy of the population;

    between the adult desire to cultivate a child's love of nature and the negative example of the relationship of these adults to the environment;

    between the desire to use as many natural resources and inability to preserve them for future generations.

• creating comfortable conditions for residents and habitat destruction.
the project Goal: the Development of ecological consciousness and thinking, ecological culture of personality, a responsible attitude to the environment and your health.

18 February 2020
The impact of anthropogenic impact on floristic composition of the village OZTP of the city of Orsk

the hypothesis of the study: Anthropogenic factors have a negative impact on the plants of the village OZTP.

18 February 2020