00:0007 November 2019

Design marathon for teachers of schools of Grozny

November 4-6, was held in Grozny three days of intensive "Project and project activities". The participants were representatives of educational institutions of the city of Grozny, Chechen Republic: SEI "Presidential Lyceum", Lyceum of the Grozny state oil technical University named academician M. D. millionshtchikov, MBOU Gymnasium № 7, Children's technology Park "Kvantorium" school of programming "Codology". More than 30 teachers and students, grade 9 students were able to take the first steps in the development of design technologies, in theory and in practice, to get acquainted with the method of projects. 

the Program is intensive:
Day 1 (4 November). Introduction. Global challenges and trends. Project: definition and classification
Day 2 (5 November). Initiation of the project. Design technology and practices
Day 3 (6 November). Implementation and promotion of the project