19:0011 August 2020

The start of the program of advanced training "study day in the library"

In the framework of the programme of qualification improvement of the specialists in the libraries and cultural centres will receive detailed guidelines for the effective construction of its project work through the use of modern tools and services. This will allow you to change the role of the teacher / librarian, making him the mentor, able to generate ideas and to accompany the whole course of project work, to assist in the implementation of the project, finding effective opportunities for growth and advancement not only of the resulting product or technology, but also project team members.

the Purpose of the program: development and improvement of the trainees (employees of libraries, teachers of educational institutions of General, vocational and further education) professional competences, allowing to implement and support project technology in the educational process.

familiarity with design technology and the study of their methodological foundations.
the creation and accumulation of pedagogical Arsenal of tools and services for organization and support for project activities;
the increase in motivation for creativity and project cooperation, cooperation in the implementation of projects;
the development of communication skills;
the provision of complex special knowledge is required for the generation of project ideas, implementation, presentation and promotion projects.
Units of the program:

Project and project activities in education 
Design technology and practices
Project initiation
The plan: smart objectives and project management technologies. Implementation of the project
Presentation of the project: methods and tools. Promotion of the project