15:5008 July 2020

The results of the contest "Urban workshop family arts"

on 8 July, the Day of family, love and fidelity summarized the online competition of projects “an Urban workshop family art”.
All were submitted of 937 projects in 9 categories.
Recall that the jury included experienced professionals from libraries and cultural centers, as well as prominent cultural figures and representatives of the contest partners. The experts evaluated the projects on the five professional criteria developed for each direction.

Our winner:

the Nominated for "Hack"
1st place - family Sudovih (Bouquet silk flower arranging technique “cube”)
2 place - a family Mikulina (Plasticine project “Turquoise Palace»)
3rd place - family Timofeev (“Ukulele with your hands or a new life of garbage»)

the Nominated for "Dance"
1st place - family Bugs (Nika Zhukova)
2nd place - family Nosovich (“the melody of the Russian soul»)
3rd place - family Chistyakov ions  («Hungarian motifs»)

the Nominated for "Musical work"
1st place - family Zaporozhye (house concerts in isolation. S. V. Rachmaninoff. Étude-tableau in g minor op.33)
2nd place - the family of Paul («summer»)
3rd place - family Ogorodnikovs ' (75 years of great Victory!!- “Sister, you remember....»)

the Nominated for "drawing"
1st place - family Teslenko (“Summer landscape”)
2nd place - family Ushakov (painting «Kamchatka. On the edge of the known World” Oil on Canvas)
3rd place - family Starovoitova (“Land must be protected from the threat of trash!»)

the Nominated for "Product"
1st place - family Alekseenko (“the impact of the symbiosis of fish and plants in the double hydroponics on the yield»)
2nd place - the Ulyanov family (“Touchless hand sanitizer»)
3rd place - family koleichuk (‘Workshop Coco: koleichuk and Co – from Room to Space”)

the Nominated for "Staging"
1st place - Drozdov family (“Tagumise taboo”)
2nd place - family Karshunovich (Original comic costume miniature on the poem by S. Marshak “the wolf and the Fox”)
3rd place - family Kozlowski (Poem of Yulia Simbirsk “Airplane”)

the Nominated for "Video"
1st place - family Antsiferova (Cartoon “grandma's cactus” on the short story by I. Nikulina)
2nd place - the family Gil (Cartoon «hare's hut»)
3rd place - family Burdakova (“the Campaign during the isolation”)

the Nominated for "Literary work"
1st place - family Rykolenko («Tales of the House”- the Philosophical tales for children of all ages)
2nd place - family Terehovich (tale of the dragon bushu” + educational game for preschoolers with characters from our book)
3rd place - family Polienko (the Tale of daddy ‘Magic box”)

the Nominated for "Picture"
1st place - family Evseevykh (“My idol – Yashin»)
2nd place - family Fedkina («hope»)
3rd place - family Bocharov (“the Journey home”)

Moscow Directorate for development of cultural centers, the organizing Committee, jury members and partners of the Contest congratulate the winners and wish not to stop there and to build on the creative potential of his family, and the libraries and cultural centers of Moscow will always be here to help!

Pick up gifts 15 July 2020 August 31, 2020 by appointment in the library № 19 named. F. M. Dostoevsky at the address: Moscow, Chistoprudniy Boulevard 23/1 Monday to Friday from 11-00 to 18-00 hours. Phone to record +7 (495) 917-31-56.