13:1902 December 2019

All-Russia competition scientifically-technical creativity "FAST"

the Complex reactive movement of the astronaut; a satellite with temperature sensors, oriented in space; a tool to help you deal with stuttering with the help of a metronome and myostimulation; Autonomous robots; a draft of the neural network for the transport infrastructure; innovative technology for 3D printing – here is just a small part of the projects, winners in the previous contests.

this year the boys asked to create a model of the unmanned aerial vehicle; setting, which will improve the microclimate of premises; energy saving equipment; devices for neurorehabilitation; «smart» toys using 3D printing technologies and much more.

all-Russia competition scientifically-technical creativity of “FAST”, organized organized by the Foundation for the promotion of innovation.

the Competition is held annually among students under the age of 18 years.

Among the prizes: participation in the international forum «Army-2020” and trips to the camp «Artek».

a Full list of jobs available here: http://shustrik.org/tasks/
You can apply through the form on the website: https://shustrik.org/members