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August 2019

Project competition

PPK “the school day in the library”

Nicholas Roerich said, "Library – and the place of work, and the temple of thought, and research center and a laboratory, and a Museum and a place of higher pleasures of the mind and the eyes". Modern library includes many functions, among them - the youth project center. In the capital in September launched a new program “school day in the library" in which students of the Moscow schools will be able to get acquainted with different design technologies and techniques, but also to realize its first project. 

For training in the libraries that will be involved in the implementation of this program was prepared a refresher course "Training day in the library”. With the help of training, you will receive detailed instructions on the effective construction of its project work through the use of modern tools and services. This will allow you to change the role of the teacher / librarian, making him the mentor, able to generate ideas and to accompany the whole course of project work, to assist in the implementation of the project, finding effective opportunities for growth and advancement not only of the resulting product or technology, but also project team members.