International competition for educational robotics and Neurotechnology "Circuits - 2019"

Project competition


OOO "brain development"

State budget institution of additional education "Center of technical creativity and early career – Povolzhsky center of aerospace education"; Autonomous nonprofit organization "Center of development of personality, Biznesmeny" - the organizer of the regional festival for students and their parents "School fest Digital"; a resident of Nizhny Novgorod innovative business incubator.

Dates: from 01.04.2019 00:00 to 05.05.2019 00:00





1.0  Objective

to Provide the student a platform to show their creative, innovative skills, and the ability to program. To assemble the robot on the proposed theme, you need to work in a team. In addition, you need to present and demonstrate their creation to convince and impress the judges.

2.0  Dimensions and weight of the robot

the Size and weight of the robot is not limited.

3.0  restrictions on the design

3.1 To build the robot, you can only use products Robotrek and HUNA-MRT. There is no limit on the number of blocks. Allowed to use details of the above systems.

3.2  Robots must not intentionally damage the box or items on the field.

3.3 you Can use the products LSM (Line Core M Servo motor), there is no limit on the number of sensors and motors. Allowed to control the robot Autonomous or remotely.

3.4  Allowed to use and add other materials, such as camera, sensors, paper, rings, clips, sticks, paper cups, materials, 3D printed, etc.

3.5  Charger (220V) for rechargeable batteries is strictly forbidden for security reasons.


  • the
  • the Robot in any case should not pose a danger to the field and others.

  • the
  • the Sensors of the robots should be protected from any external noise

  • the
  • Sensors remote Ctrl (remote control) should be protected from any external interference.



4.1  the purpose of the match

    4.1.1 Participants must build a robot in advance

    4.1.2 Participants are given 2 hours to prepare the robot

    4.1.3 Each group is given 5 minutes to present their robots to the judges on stage.

    4.1.4  the Robot can be set in/close to the venue. Team members or the teacher can leave the robots and present them to the public.

    4.1.5  Participants must have a printed guide (presentation). About the manual, see paragraphs 4.3.3 and 4.3.4.

4.2  Subject: Support the development goals of the UN

      Selected 5 of the 17 goals proposed by the UN. The robot should be based on only one region:


  • the
  • No hunger

  • the
  • Good health and well-being

  • the
  • Clean water and sanitation

  • the
  • Acceptable and clean energy

  • the
  • Supported cities and communities

we Strongly recommend you to see the range of these topics at site

4.3 Requirements:


  • the
  • More than 3 pictures of the robot, the face of your entire team and teachers together in one photo.
  • the
  • user Manual (presentation file) includes: 1) the name of the robot, 2) Goal, 3) Performance of team members and distribution of tasks, 4) Presentation, 5) the Specification and characteristics, 6) How to program (if necessary), 7) functionality of the robot 8) placement of the project on the portal "Reactor": information on registration in the system ( ) and maintenance of the project ( ).