All-Russian Competition of projects "ЭМ3БИТ2"

Project competition


Baikal school technology leadership "ЭМ3БИТ2"

Irkutsk regional public organization of children and youth "Centre for support and development of volunteerism – "Do good"

Dates: from 21.03.2019 00:00 to 10.05.2019 00:00


General information

all-Russian Competition of projects "ЭМ3БИТ2" aimed at the popularization of natural Sciences (chemistry, biology, ecology), as well as interdisciplinary areas such as bio-ecology, biotechnology, biochemistry students,  career guidance in design activities and as a consequence the formation of a mixed-age community of young researchers


the Founder of the competition is Irkutsk regional public organization of children and youth "Center for support and development of volunteering – “Do good”

Partners: of the  “Irkutsk state University»  and DIRECTOR of Siberian Institute of physiology and biochemistry of plants of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS SIFIBR)

In the competition can participate students of grades 7-11 living on the territory of the Russian Federation

Steps to contest

1. 21 March - 30 April 2019: submission of applications for the competition according to the regulations

2. May 1 - may 9, 2019: assessment the professional jury

3. May 10, 2019: announcement of winners

Main theme design work:

  • the
  • Methods of remote ecological monitoring of aquatic invertebrate communities the
  • Possible ways of using living organisms and/or individual properties in biotechnological research followed by a practical application the
  • the features of the development or the functioning of the various species of plants the
  • the Influence of different biotic and abiotic factors on plant growth the
  • Various methods of biotechnology in the service of man the
  • using the methods of landscape design in the regeneration of various areas the
  • Study of rare, endangered plants, or plants of cultural or historical monuments the
  • Protected areas

the flora of the coast of lake Baikal


Form submissions to the contest: research report, abstract or article (necessarily accompanied by the presentation)