Project competition

Dates: from 19.05.2020 12:56 to 06.07.2020 23:59


General information

Цель Конкурса – укрепление института семьи, поддержка семейных ценностей активизация детско-родительского творчества, направленного на реализацию семейных проектов.

Семейным проектом считается проект, в разработке которого принимали участие совместно дети (до 18 лет) и родители (законные представители), а также другие члены семьи. Сфера ответственности в разработке и реализации проекта у детей, их родителей (законных представителей) и/или других членов семьи должна быть оптимальна их статусу (социальной роли), возрасту и навыкам проектирования.


the Competition in the category of "drawing" accept family projects submitted in the following formats: art works made in any technique and use any materials:  paintings  (oil, watercolor, gouache, pastel, mixed media), graphics (drawing, art of the printed image (engraving, lithography, monotype, etc.); a caricature.

entries are available in electronic form. Depending on the type of file works claim to extension or the manner of presentation:


  • the
  • graphic files (photos, images etc.) - jpg, jpeg, png;
  • the
  • text file - doc, docx, pdf;
  • the
  • audio files: mp3;
  • the
  • video file - closed link to the video on Youtube or a link to a file hosted in the cloud;
  • the
  • presentation - ppt, pptx, pdf.

In 2020 to establish the following schedule:


  • the
  • elimination stage: may 20 -  June 21;
  • the
  • Expert stage: June 21 - July 5;
  • the
  • presentation of the results of the contest: July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity;
  • the
  • Time of distribution of prizes: from 13 July to 31 August 2020 (inclusive).

Completed projects

1. "Summer landscapes" Вероника Тесленко

to Capture on paper the beauty of Russian nature.Provincialnye corners of our country.

2. The painting "Kamchatka. On the edge of the known World" Oil on Canvas Александр Ушаков

Painting with the whole family after the visitation of the most beautiful places on Earth-the Kamchatka Peninsula. Once we had a chance to go to puteshestvie in Kamchatka. Who are we? Family Ushakov - I, Sasha, wife Inga, two daughters-Polina and Ksenia and son Daniel. 

3. Defending the earth from the threat of trash! Елена Старовойтова

planet Earth is not a place of garbage collection, as beautiful and wonderful planet. It is important to solve the problem of the elimination and processing of waste.

4. In Alliance with nature. Татьяна Пыжьянова

Today, every person can change the world, to help nature and the environment. Many people think that they are only little people on this huge planet that can't change, but it's not. After all, big business starts small. 

the Future of our planet depends on educating the younger generation, so it is important that in every family parents showed their children what love and care about nature, the environment, their native land. 

the figure shows that the planted tree with the whole family - this is the least thing that can help to change the world. The tree is a symbol of life and growth.

We are responsible for the environment from our actions depends on the state of nature. This is our home in which we exist, that we should be treated with love.

5. A medieval joust Аглая Пихлецкая

We chose to depict Medieval knights fighting in front of a beautiful lady. This topic is close to us, because they want to raise the sons of these knights, and also to introduce the whole family to open the treasure house of medieval art.

the Style of the work tried to bring to the medieval stained-glass window.

since we have a large family, decided to divide the work - turned to the technique of collage, allowing each to perform their piece. And, at the same time, learn to cooperate, creating a common background. 

6. "Wonderful garden" Рома Брагин

Our life is a test.

"lovely garden"- the place where dreams come true..

Idea - to create the beautiful!

to Dream and to be happy!

7. Crown-spring 2020 our family! Катарина Люкк

the Idea of the project is to capture the figure in a completely new and unusual stage in the life of our family. This  telecommuting  the school piano exam Katharina, an entrance exam to a music school Mark the victory of Katharina in three music competitions, virtual trips to museums and theaters, real walking in with masks and gloves)), impatient meeting the courier with craftivity packages from Coswell), the 10-year Anniversary of Katharina ( June 9), shared dreams of the future travels to our beloved Russia and other countries! But the main thing is the confidence that if there are loving and reliable people lived together every day is HAPPY DAY!!!

8. Five horses Аслан Наурбиев

it So happened that our family got acquainted with a Russian artist who lives and works in France, and currently arrived in Moscow. She showed us your work and one of them we really became interested, for which she received the French national prize. And so came the idea to draw this picture in our nursery.


9. When the house painter, the usual boiled eggs for Breakfast turn into a work of art!!! Светлана Полиенко

Hello. I am 12 years old. I love to draw and paint everywhere. In albums at home, on napkins in cafes, on the pavement on the street, and even boiled eggs I cooked for Breakfast for the family while everyone was still asleep. : )

the Idea is simple. my mother and I get up very early. In the morning I like to read or watch some interesting show. I also love to cook and can prepare simple meals for the family: bake pancakes, cook porridge, pasta with sausages or baked chicken. Our family consists of six people: mom, dad and four children. Everyone loves my pictures. Mom always hangs my new drawings on the fridge, and my father - on the wall at my job. Today I decided to combine their talents and delight your family with this Breakfast. : )

10. Draw nature Павел Тобольцев

Love of nature in all its manifestations is often celebrated in our writing. The idea to draw a painting "Fresh morning," came his son - Yaroslav. Active participation in this project took the head of the family - Paul Toboltsev, that is me. Figure oil performed Yaroslav, I was responsible for the material, painting the frame and other organizational issues. The beauty of our Land leaves no one indifferent. Going on vacation for new experiences, you always want to display them in his paintings. As the main purpose, in the opinion of our family, we believe to show the work of nature, and how the main idea - to preserve nature in its original form.


Марина Дрожжина ГБУК г.Москвы "ТКС"Планета" ДК"Гагаринец"

Position: Руководитель клубного формирования
Degree, title: Нет

Дарья Тараканова ГБУК г.Москвы Творческий лицей

Position: Руководитель клубного формирования
Degree, title: Член Союза Художников ДПИ

Юлия Хорева Государственное бюджетное учреждение культуры города Москвы "Дом культуры "Темп"

Position: Старший специалист по кадрам
Degree, title:

Анастасия Борисова ТКС Фили-Давыдково

Position: руководитель кружка
Degree, title:

Елена Воронина ГБУК ТКС "Ново-Переделкино"

Position: Руководитель студии живописи "Музыкальные краски"
Degree, title: Состоит в реестре профессиональных художников России. Член Профессионального Союза Художников России, Творческого Союза Художников России и Международной Федерации художников.

Владимир Головачев ГБУК г. Москвы "Централизованная библиотечная система Западного административного округа"

Position: заведующий библиотекой
Degree, title:

Наталья Жеденко ГБУК г. Москвы КЦ "Рублево"

Position: Зав. выставочным отделом
Degree, title:

Лариса Кузнецова ГБУ культуры г. Москвы " Клуб"Ладога"

Position: педагог дополнительного образования
Degree, title:

Алексей Комочев ГБУК г. Москвы "КЦ Алые паруса"

Position: Заведующий отделом
Degree, title:

Татьяна Королева Библиотека-читальня имени А.С. Пушкина

Position: Ведущий менеджер
Degree, title: