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Dates: from 19.05.2020 00:00 to 31.08.2020 00:00
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General information

Цель Конкурса – укрепление института семьи, поддержка семейных ценностей активизация детско-родительского творчества, направленного на реализацию семейных проектов.

Семейным проектом считается проект, в разработке которого принимали участие совместно дети (до 18 лет) и родители (законные представители), а также другие члены семьи. Сфера ответственности в разработке и реализации проекта у детей, их родителей (законных представителей) и/или других членов семьи должна быть оптимальна их статусу (социальной роли), возрасту и навыкам проектирования.


the Competition in the category of "Musical work" accept family projects submitted in the following formats: vocal (folk, academic, variety, jazz style) and instrumental performance of their own works or someone else's authorship.

entries are available in electronic form. Depending on the type of file works claim to extension or the manner of presentation:


  • the
  • graphic files (photos, images etc.) - jpg, jpeg, png; the
  • text file - doc, docx, pdf; the
  • audio files: mp3; the
  • video file - closed link to the video on Youtube or a link to a file hosted in the cloud; the
  • presentation - ppt, pptx, pdf.

In 2020 to establish the following schedule:


  • the
  • Qualifying stage: may 20 -  June 21; the
  • Expert phase: June 21 - July 5; the
  • Presentation of results of the competition: July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity; the
  • Time of distribution of prizes: from 13 July to 31 August 2020 (inclusive).


Creative family workshop "Klim" : about Thomas and Eremu. Екатерина Климина

In terms of universal digitization, the race to new technologies we often forget or put off to a distant "then" care about eternal values such as family and human contacts. Our native traditional culture goes into oblivion.  the Tradition of domestic music-making rooted in the past.  the question Arises: how can we, living in the 21st century, not to lose his face and  the intangible cultural heritage which was left us by our ancestors. 

If we hold hands Юлия Куликова

In the period of self-isolation, everything was scattered. My children suggested the idea of uniting all the members of the band pop band "DOMISOL" in which they do and with whom long time no see.  

The Family Of Balabanovich Елена Балабанова

Support for families in a time of high alert!

Family ensemble - recorder and piano Юлия Вардугина

Instrumental performance of two diverse works, one of which cantilena character, a Duo of recorders and piano

Christmas rap Александра Шалина

Create a fun Christmas video that reflects the uniqueness of the winter of 2019-2020, and the author's fascination with the purpose to congratulate all subscribers and visitors of the Youtube channel "build and play with me" , as well as acquaintances, relatives and friends a happy New year.

● A piece of music. Vocal performance in the folk style. Светлана Дериземля

Transfer of productive experience from the older to the younger generation, dissemination of positive experience of family traditions.

Dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Victory Феодосий Ячменев

to Record the song «Victory Day» David Tukhmanov on poems by Vladimir Kharitonov «Victory Day» as part of the nationwide #of Polderparade.
the Legendary song became an integral part of this special occasion. But this year was special in every sense. We celebrate 75 years of the Victory. But, unfortunately, I can't go out and sing on the action "Immortal regiment", shoulder to shoulder. Therefore, all citizens of Russia abroad were invited to record a song at home. As part of this action, our family wants to experience the Yakut national instruments and costumes. We want to show that it is necessary to store not only family, but also national traditions and culture of his people. This way we once again prove that we are different, but still we are together and living in a friendly multinational country. 

Family piano duet Оксана Климова

 create a family piano duet (Stepanenkova Stepanenkova Julia and Marina A.).  In conditions of isolation, no possibility of learning to play the piano in the usual way. Joint music-making mothers and daughters helps to maintain the interest and performing a form of studying, and the mother more deeply involved in the process of training your child.

Zorenka Анастасия Винокурова

Daughter from early childhood, interested in music,quarantined it  really missed the classes in vocal ensemble "Triumph",and we decided to learn a new song and a duet.

Voyage Анна Сергеева

to Help the audience to imagine a voyage with a fair wind, the sun, the breeze, the sailors and sea dragon


Изабелла Николаева ГБУК г.Москвы Творческий лицей

Position: руководитель клубного формирования вокальной студии
Degree, title:

Анастасия Зверева ГМКЦ Интеграция им.Н.Островского

Position: руководитель вокальной студии "Бельканто"
Degree, title: лауреат международных конкурсов

Жанна Тышкова ГБУК г.Москвы "КЦ "Авангард"

Position: Начальник отдела развития
Degree, title:

Татьяна Кучеренко ГБУК г. Москвы "ЦБС СЗАО" Библиотека № 225

Position: заведующий подразделением
Degree, title:

Людмила Рогачева СОШ ГАОУ ВО МГПУ и ГБУК ЦБС ЮАО Центральная детская библиотека №152.

Position: Педагог дополнительного образования, руководитель кружка.
Degree, title: Кандидат педагогических наук

Наталия Антоничева ГБУК г. Москвы "Библиотека-читальня им. А.С.Пушкина"

Position: заведующий отделом специальных проектов и культурных программ
Degree, title: не имею

Людмила Андреева ДК Темп г.Москвы

Position: Руководитель кружка
Degree, title:

Галина Куприянова ГБУК г. Москвы "Дом Романса"

Position: Менеджер по культурно-массовому досугу
Degree, title:

Галина Смышляева ГБУК ТКС "Оптимист"

Position: Художественный руководитель
Degree, title: Ветеран труда

Диана Исаева ГБУК г. Москвы "Культурный центр "Митино"

Position: Руководитель музыкального кружка "Музпросвет"
Degree, title: