Scratch absentia international competition of creative programming 2019

Project competition



the Timing of the Olympics:

Elementary school: download Olympiad papers and filings with 04.03.2019 at  08.04.2019, announcement of winners  13.05.2019.

the school: download Olympiad papers and filings with 11.03.2019 at  15.04.2019, announcement of winners  20.05.2019.

high school students and teachers: download Olympiad papers and filings with 18.03.2019 at  22.04.2019, announcement of winners  27.05.2019.

Completed projects

1 . Nomination "Game". The journey of a bear Potapych. Марина Королева

to Create a game about fascinating travel of a kind bear Potapych.

2 . Nomination "STREAM project". Human evolution Алексей Андреев

the Creation of an electronic educational resource "human Evolution" on the theory of Charles Darwin

3 . naminate "STREAM project". Finger alphabet Елизавета Нечаева

Learn how to use the finger alphabet by using a Scratch.

4 . Nominated "visiting poet". Animated story - the game "the Wizard of oz." Марк Тонкошкуров

the Project was created to repetition works  for those who do not read to motivate children to read tales on motives of Volkov's "the Wizard of oz."

5 . Nomination "The World". Animated story of "Insects". Тимофей Колесников

Create an animated story about bugs.

6 . Nomination "Game". Pak, adventure. Ян Болгаров

to Create a game based on the famous game PAC man.

7 . Nominated "visiting poet". Voiced animated story "In search of goldfish" Ульяна Сторчак

announced the Creation of animated stories based on the tales of A. S. Pushkin

8 . Nominated For "Know-It-Alls". Quiz on the history of Ancient Egypt. Никита Агапов

to Test children on knowledge of the history of Ancient Egypt. 

9 . Nomination "Pedagogical project" developing the game "the Food chain of the sea" Екатерина Кашичкина

Creating educational games for primary school age, to explore the concept of the food chain in the marine environment. The game works with the memory of the player, his logical thinking, attention. Helps in an easy game form to learn new information and remember it.

the Game is divided into three stages: 

1) Theory - a predator fish in the form of a cheerful setting tells the player about what is food chain and how they are built in the sea. Leads animated examples, uses clear, easy to understand child feeding.

2) Mini-game - the consolidation of knowledge in the game mode. The player is invited to play for the fish-the host, controlling it by the arrows on the keyboard.  a Fish swims in the sea, she needs to catch smaller fish. To win you need to catch them 25pcs. Also swims in the sea plankton, which feed small fish. If a small fish eats plankton, it grows up, and if caught will be counted immediately for two fish. But also in a sea of sharks. Sharks can eat fish-player, so it is impossible to deal with them. A collision with a shark means loss.

3) Puzzle - the consolidation of knowledge in quiz mode-puzzle. You can see diagram shows a food chain. You need to place the chains in the correct order.

the Game is equipped with a convenient user-friendly interface, child-friendly and pleasing to the eye. In the course of promoting the game, the child may wish to repeat a particular phase of the program. To do this, the game has a menu that allows you to select the desired stage. 

Playing this game, the child will learn the concept of food chains and to understand how they are constructed in the marine environment.

10 . Nomination "Robokits". The project "Robot cleaner" Данил Собильский

Make a robot that will help people to contain their homes and towns clean


Екатерина Петрова СГСПУ

Position: студент
Degree, title:

Ирина Пузикова ГБОУ школа №1150 Москва

Position: учитель информатики
Degree, title: кандидат педагогических наук

Марат Арарат-Исаев Сеть образовательных центров Synergy Future

Position: Руководитель направления по информатике и робототехнике
Degree, title:

Екатерина Дудалова ФГБОУ ВО "Самарский государственный социально-педагогический университет"

Position: студент
Degree, title:

Анастасия Путина МПГУ

Position: магистрант
Degree, title: нет

Виктория Калиновская СГСПУ

Position: Студент
Degree, title:

Светлана Михеева Тольяттинский филиал детского технопарка "Кванториум 63 регион"

Position: педагог ИТ квантум
Degree, title:

Елена Сергеевна Журавлева МБОУ СОШ №13

Position: учитель информатики
Degree, title:

Михаил Пушкарев МАОУСОШ № 19 г. Томска

Position: учитель информатики
Degree, title:

Юлия Балашова ИНФА-Образование НПЦ НОЧУ

Position: преподаватель
Degree, title: