Project competition

Dates: from 19.05.2020 13:19 to 06.07.2020 23:59


General information

Цель Конкурса – укрепление института семьи, поддержка семейных ценностей активизация детско-родительского творчества, направленного на реализацию семейных проектов.

Семейным проектом считается проект, в разработке которого принимали участие совместно дети (до 18 лет) и родители (законные представители), а также другие члены семьи. Сфера ответственности в разработке и реализации проекта у детей, их родителей (законных представителей) и/или других членов семьи должна быть оптимальна их статусу (социальной роли), возрасту и навыкам проектирования.


the Competition in the category "Video" accept family projects submitted in the following formats as videos on various topics and subjects, video art, animation and cartoon.

entries are available in electronic form. Depending on the type of file works claim to extension or the manner of presentation:


  • the
  • graphic files (photos, images etc.) - jpg, jpeg, png;
  • the
  • text file - doc, docx, pdf;
  • the
  • audio files: mp3;
  • the
  • video file - closed link to the video on Youtube or a link to a file hosted in the cloud;
  • the
  • presentation - ppt, pptx, pdf.

In 2020 to establish the following schedule:


  • the
  • Qualifying stage: may 20 -  June 21;
  • the
  • Expert phase: June 21 - July 5;
  • the
  • Presentation of results of the competition: July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity;
  • the
  • Time of distribution of prizes: from 13 July to 31 August 2020 (inclusive).

Completed projects

1. Cartoon "grandmother's cactus" on the short story by I. Nikulina Яна Анциферова

2020 is a special year for our country. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war. And it is our duty – remember what the price went to a peaceful sky over the head.

unfortunately, remembering the war are usually all talking about soldiers and officers, and the few who talks about the children of war, but they were not less difficult and scary. After all, it is they had to live their childhood years in that terrible time. The war has robbed them of a happy and carefree childhood. And they did not get to play with dolls or play ball in the yard. Therefore, in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war we had the idea to create the animation project is dedicated to the children of the war years.

Link video

2. Cartoon "hare's hut" Лидия Гиль

a screen adaptation of the beloved tale with the participation of all family members

3. Hike during the isolation Михаил Бурдаков

the Main purpose of the project is the opportunity to show how it is possible in limited circumstances to take the free "thanks" isolation time with benefits for the whole family and perhaps to raise the mood of the audience. 

4. The Routes Moscow Константин Саушкин

Show Moscow is not only the center.

5. I say..... Елена Громова

Remove  funny video clip about our family. 

6. Dari dobro Илона Сайкина

Join the family through creativity in art song performance about good.

7. Cartoon - Nikita Kozhemyaka Екатерина Ковган

Involving children in the creation and study of the technology of animated film. Family unification around a single creative process in the period of self-isolation.

Link to video

8. Children's YouTube channel "LEGO-Master" Елена Рожкова

Misha 6 years, and he loves LEGO. He makes all day long, and coming up with self-assembling robots, automobiles, complex machines, animals, and just strange creatures. His “handmade” delight in children and adults, his imagination has no limits.

Mike & ndash; very sociable boy. During the period of isolation he had a hard time getting friends and buddies, without a garden and sports sections. Therefore, we, his parents decided to help him with the creation of his YouTube channel where he could talk about their craft and share ideas with other children. The channel is called "LEGO-master”, this name was thought up by the Mike. The first video releases received a warm response and inspired young viewers to new crafts and… create your own YouTube – the channels!

9. Clay&music "Where in the tap WATER?" Таисия Витальевна Балдыч

one of monotonous and boring days of isolation, I wanted to do things not even thought of. So he came to me the idea of creating an animated video. Water theme is as relevant as ever now. Us every day, all the screens, a reminder that hands should be washed. So let our video is not only a reminder, but informative message. 

Link video

10. Doll, Veronica Tushnov. The great Patriotic war Татьяна Уткина

the Idea of the project is to honor the memory of defenders of the Motherland, killed during the great Patriotic war, and to Express my gratitude to the living heroes!



Изабелла Николаева ГБУК г.Москвы Творческий лицей

Position: руководитель клубного формирования вокальной студии
Degree, title:

Анна Молодцова ГБУК г. Москвы "ЦГМБ им. М. А. Светлова"

Position: Библиотекарь бкк
Degree, title:

Софья Шумская Государственное бюджетное учреждение культуры города Москвы "ДК "Темп"

Position: Заведующий отделением
Degree, title:

Роман Дерманский ГБУК г. Москвы "ЦБС ЗелАО"

Position: Директор
Degree, title:

Мурман Гахокия ГБУК г. Москвы «ЦБС СВАО», Библиотека-медиацентр №67

Position: Библиотекарь 2-ой квалификационной категории
Degree, title:

Павел Назаров ДК "Темп"

Position: Руководитель кружка
Degree, title:

Анастасия Шитова ГБУК г.Москвы "Библиотека-читальня им.А.С.Пушкина"

Position: ведущий библиотекарь
Degree, title:

Ольга Сосина ГБУК г. Москвы «ТКС «Бригантина"

Position: Заведующая культурно-досуговой деятельностью
Degree, title: Руководитель лучшего детского видеопроекта о науке по версии телеканала «Наука"

Александр Третьяков ГБУК г. Москвы ТКС "Оптимист"

Position: руководитель кружка
Degree, title: продюсер, Обладатель высшей российской награды в области телевидения и радиовещания - Национальной премии «ТЭФИ»

Ирина Сучкова ГБУК ЦБС Новомосковская Библиотека 261

Position: Ведущий библиотекарь
Degree, title: