Rocket summer-2020

To participate in the contest “rocket summer" need to come up with interesting, bright, breakthrough, register it in the electronic system. "Reactor" ( and within 3 months to keep a video diary, capturing the main stages of work on the project.

Family creative workshops

the purpose of the Contest – strengthening the institution of the family, support family values, activation of parent-child creativity, focused on the realisation of family projects.

"Environmental Patrol"

"Environmental Patrol" the call designed to attract the attention of students in grades 8-11 to the environment and to spur them to address pressing environmental challenges through monitoring and study of soil, air, water environment.

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03 July 2020
Healthy summer reading

summer is the perfect time for quiet and thoughtful reading. You can look through a popular magazine, you can immerse yourself in the classics or get involved fantastic worlds, and you can learn something new and useful that will help in the development of your project and accumulation of design competencies. Together with the libraries of Moscow and "Rosrazvitie" for "school day in the library" we have prepared a list of useful reading ( including the collections on such topics as "Creativity", "Startups", "Global challenges and trends", etc.
Make your summer reading list!

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27 June 2020
The day of inventor and innovator
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21 June 2020
8 thousand projects registered in the system "Reactor"!
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