competition, innovation and maker projects on open design areas of the city of Moscow: open design platforms (children's technology parks, centers of youth innovative creativity of IT-grounds, workshops, project offices in educational organizations, cultural centers, libraries, etc.)

Intensive "Project and project activities"

establish and improve the trainees (teachers of educational institutions of General, vocational and further education) professional competences, allowing to implement and support project technology in the educational process.

WorldSkills Kazan 2019

To the start of the international championship of the professions of Design movement "Reactor" prepared test: answer 8 simple questions and find out what role you closer in design work - engineer, organizer or entrepreneur!

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22 November 2019
Conference "the involvement of the public and business associations, employers and parents in decision-making on management of an educational institution and updating of educational programs"

November 21 in the framework of the conference there was organized a round table "Best practice of participation of public and business associations, employers and parents in the development of organization of further education". Among others there were presented the digital platform "Reactor" services which allow not only to record user-implemented projects, create digital portfolios and show accumulated competencies, but also to the assessment from leading experts.

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18 November 2019
Until December 1, continues to accept applications for the Contest NTSI-Cart
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11 November 2019
Online competition "Young entrepreneur"
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