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To the start of the international championship of the professions of Design movement "Reactor" prepared test: answer 8 simple questions and find out what role you closer in design work - engineer, organizer or entrepreneur!

Reactive Summer 2019

The summer mini-competition “Jet Summer” is organized as part of the All-Russian competition of projects of the Circle Movement “Reactor”. His focus is on research, engineering and maker projects of schoolchildren and students, made in circles during the hot summer months.


In the first half of 2019, the IGRUSSIA All-Russian Competition of Toys and Child Development Tools will be held, aimed at stimulating activity on the development of new play goods, identifying and supporting existing ideas and products, and organizing communication of ideas authors and representatives of start-up projects with manufacturers sellers and investors.

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13 сентября 2019
All-Russian competition for the best career guidance practices "Proektoriya"

the all-Russian competition of the best practices of vocational guidance, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation in collaboration with "Proektoriya" holds for the educational community competitive selection of best regional vocational guidance practices in the field of maintenance and formation of individual educational trajectories of students.

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09 сентября 2019
Contest of ecological projects of the pupils
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06 сентября 2019
Moscow international festival Maker Faire
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