Challenge "Project-from-Home"


Now more important than ever to stay home and not expose yourself and your family in danger of getting sick! But quarantine and unscheduled vacation is not a reason for laziness. Many publishers have opened free access to books and educational companies to their courses. 

"Environmental Patrol"

"Environmental Patrol" the call designed to attract the attention of students in grades 8-11 to the environment and to spur them to address pressing environmental challenges through monitoring and study of soil, air, water environment.

"I am a researcher!"

ANOO “the Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great” invites preschoolers and students of elementary grades to take part in the Moscow regional round of the all-Russian competition of research works and creative projects «I – RESEARCHER!”

The school day in the library

the goal of the program: pupils ' acquaintance with the technologies, tools and practices of project activities, the acquisition of design skills required to generate ideas and implement your own project using the infrastructure library.

«Reactor» — your project assistant!

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Reactor News

17 January 2020
Day of children's inventions!

Congratulations to all system users "Reactor" with this holiday, which we consider to be his birthday, because all of the Design movement "Reactor" grew out of a desire to help young creators to create new and interesting projects! Create something new, participate in contests and show the world your creative ideas!

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13 January 2020
Start IV design competition "Reactor"!
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31 December 2019
Happy New year!
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